Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Makes A Hero Heroic?

Here's a link to a short interview I did last year during the RWA Conference as part of the Popular Romance Project, talking about how one heroine's hero may be seen in a completely different light by others. *coughDmitricough*

Who are your favorite antagonists turned heroes? And did you like him before his own book?


Kelly H. said...

I think all good heroes start out as antagonists - it shows their humanity if the hero is a bit of a ___ (grump, asshole, control freak, etc).

If you're asking if I liked Dimitri before his book, yes, though it was hard. The little cracks in persona that let you know there's more in there than just loyal jerk.

Anonymous said...

Before getting his own book, I found Dmitri intriguing.

When I finally read his book, I was brought over to the other side. Prior to Dmitri's book, the "Arch-Angel" series did nothing for me. Raphel and his human wife did not ring plausible to me.

Then came Dmirti. Oh baby I can wax lyrical about him all day long.
Dmitiri and Linda Howard's assasin hero in the book "Death Angel" tie in my "best romance male lead character ever" list.

I guess my fascination stems from the polemic of the existance justified versus evil violence.

Dmitri's history, in my eyes justified his violent life and how love saves him or holds him in check from crossing that line.

I also like his loyalty, which was not just blind, but built on a shared experience and friendship. And that being as powerful as he was, he was content to be second, which is something so many people just cannot be...

like I said.. waxing lyrical.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Archangel's Blade book best of the series so far, but even after reading it, I didn't consider Dmitri a hero, exactly.

Anonymous said...

I liked Riley, Dmitri and Andrew before they got their own book.

Hawke... He was interesting before, but to difficult/headstrong for my taste. In KoS I loved him.