Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Night Owl Post

I'm up late today, working on GH #6. It's fun to be back in New York for this book.

I had an interesting question put to me on Facebook, asking how authors felt going back to reread their earlier works. I thought blog readers might be interested in my answer too, so here it is:

I can only answer for myself, but I absolutely get caught up in the story - going back lets me enjoy the story as a whole, and since I totally trust the author to take care of the characters (*grin*), it's a lovely, relaxing reading experience.

As an aside, being caught up in the story also happens during the writing process, in a different way - I know a scene is powerful when it has a visceral impact on me. I have been known to sob heartbroken over a keyboard (A particular scene in Blaze of Memory had me crying every time I edited it. I still cry when I read it.) 

Okay, heading back to Elena and Raphael (and maybe Aodhan for this scene). Have an awesome day / night everyone, depending on your timezone. :-)


Unknown said...

I think reading your own work is better than reading other people's work because every scene you write is deeply embedded within you that even if it's a boring scene, you can still sympathize and relate with the character/s.

Sherri L. said...

I love how you talk about your writing process it makes me want to be a writer but alas I have no talent :) I can't wait to read about Elena and Raphael and the gang again. Good luck with the writing Nalini.

azteclady said...

How much longer, again...?

Yeah, I'm that desperate ;-)

Dianne said...

Aodhan Yay!. That sound exciting. Can't wait for this next book. I absolutely love both yoúr series. They're one of the few that I look forward to every year.

Anonymous said...

Street fight training for Sorrow?