Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wild Invitation Excerpts and More!

The website has just been updated, including with excerpts of all four WILD INVITATION novellas, so swing by and check it out!


If you're in the UK & Commonwealth, and you had trouble getting hold of  Angels' Pawn, Angels' Dance, Angel's Wolf, or Angels' Judgment, they are now all available separately as ebooks, or together in Angels' Flight

You can see the new cover to the bottom right.

(Angels' Flight has a slightly different release date in Austraila and NZ.)

Don't forget, Angels' Dance is also available as a stand-alone ebook in the US & Canada. See the cover to the left!

Also, if you're a Galen and Jessamy fan, I'm working on a short story featuring these two. :-)


At last year's conventions, I had some "I ♥ Judd" and "Judd is my Boyfriend" buttons. They were created for me by The Busy Badger, and if you missed out on getting a button and would like one, she now has them up in her Etsy store (along with magnets). :-)


All About Romance's Annual Reader Poll is now live. So go forth and nominate your favorite books of 2012


16 days to go till the cover & title reveal of Psy-Changeling #12! Don't forget to mark your diaries. :-)


mymshel said...

Love the excerpts..every time I think that the stories could not get better, I am proven wrong! Love them, and can't wait until they are available!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nalini for putting the excerpts up. Im so excited for the book release. Too excited really after reading those :)

Krystyn said...

I'm insanely excited for Cooper and Grace's story. I love that she's such a contrast from the other heroines. Can't wait to see how she handles Cooper :)

Anonymous said...

Yesssss, more Galen and Jessamy! Loved their story, and have been hoping to see more of them in the GH books. Any chance the 'short' story could turn into a very long short story? ;D

Stephanie.P said...

I Love the excerpts! I can't wait to read the two new stories! They both sound wonderful!

And thanks for mentioning the Badges I really appreciate it! If anyone is interested, the designs are available as Pins and Magnets, and also as Key Chains, Pendants, Clip on Charms, Bookmarks, Stickers and Coasters too!
I'm working on making my designs available as glass markers too, you know, those clip on tag/charms you use to identify your wine glass at parties, but I haven't worked out a style I'm happy with yet.