Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Book Club

Time for the Friday Book Club! What reads are you enjoying this week?


Cony said...

God morning from Germany,
actually I am rereading "A modern witch" by Debora Geary because I could not decide which path to take on "to be read"-Mountain. The path is decided, because I build the mountain up by 5 more books the last three days and one of those it will be - either book 3 of the Freakin`Shifters series (Already frekin' mated) or The Barbarian Prince - book one of the Dragon Lords Series by M. Pillow.
Well, we will see....
Have a nice weekend and happy reading

Anonymous said...

We have so much snow here in Baveria/Germany... - Perfect for reading...

I finished Breaking the Ice by Mandy Baggot. It´s a wonderful love story; like a fairy tale.

Joy said...

I'm reading a book called Switch about changing habits. I usually stick to fiction for my pleasure reading, but surprisingly I am really enjoying this book. Most of the text is anecdotes about their method, so maybe that's why :)

Diane said...

Starting Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter by Jessica Sims

Diana said...

The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. I'm on a bit of a non-fiction kick at the moment, and it's never a bad idea to think about how to avoid violence.

Sherri L. said...

I'm rereading angel's dance. Love Galen and Jessemy's Story and seeing earlier things that happened before Elena and Raphael met and before the others became Raphael's seven.

Always V said...

I started rereading JD ROBB'S IN DEATH series.

Somehow in the CELL ~ LOL ~
That's the name of the WEBSITE for JR WARD'S BDB LOVERS to hang out.

There's an interest in the ID series. Just one thread though.

By the way ~ in case you're interested, Nalini's Thread over there has the MOST VIEWS !
No surprises ~ TRUE?

I'm on FANTASY ID. It's fantastic. Even though I'm not a gamer, I get sucked into the fun of vid games.
If you guys haven't read this series, you should definitely TRY IT !

Nalini ~ You have mentioned on many occasions how much you love the series. We're so with you here!!

Glad we love them same series.

Anonymous said...

Currently juggling manga, The Sun Witch by Linda W. Jones. Also enjoyed All Grown Up (Harlequin Desire) by Janice Maynard.