Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Book Club

A late Friday book club post today. What are you reading and enjoying at the moment? =)


Cony said...

Upps - looks different...

currently I am reading Vampire in Atlantis by Alyssa Day. The newest installment of "The Warriors of Poseidon".

My "To be read" pile is currently a "To be read" mountain which would be higher than me if those books were not ebooks. ;-) So I am not sure which book will be next.

Have a nice and relaxing weekend

Sara said...

I read Divergent by Veronica Roth, a dystopian YA set in Chicago, and it was fantastic! I also re-read Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison in anticipation of Storm's Heart coming out on Tuesday. I can't wait to read it!!

Sherri L. said...

I'm reading Navarro's Promise by Lora Leigh and after that I have to shop for more books because it's the last one in my to be read pile :(

marie3of3 said...

I'm reading 'Accidentally Demonic' and 'The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack.'

AlwaysV said...

Finally.. I started Angel's Blood last night.
YEAH!! I don't want to be left out
when Angel's Blade walks into my hands
in September.

I started loving the story from P.200+ onward.

Now I'm ready to begin Angel's Kiss
in a couple of minutes.

I still don't feel Elena.
She is definitely NOT for me.
Unlike Sascha, Sienna & Faith NightStar
who have captured my heart
the very minutes they walked into the books.

But Ageel's Blood is only the first book.
I have a feeling Elena will grow on me yet.
She is Raphael's true love after all.
I trust HIM completely..anytime. LOL.
Above anything else.

Thnx to all my friends
who told me that the Guild Hunter Series is

You guys are so right on. *BIG HUGS*

Thnx, Nalini.
For this awesome series!!

Erin B. said...

I just finished Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse and Vampire a Go-Go by Victor Gischler. Both great books but I think Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse is my favorite.

Happy Reading!

Anonymous said...

I read Fury by Laurann Dohner over at Elloras Cave. It was awesome. Some humans were experimented on and their genes were spliced with animals. Now they have a lot of animal instincts. Like growling and being very overprotective of their women.

It was hot and a lot of fun to read. And the sequel to Fury, Slade, comes out August 19.

I also read The Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey. Humor, dragons, knights, a contest for the marriage of the princess, magic, and a talking bird.

Diane said...

Getting through Split Second by Catherine Coulter.

JamieRebecca said...

chase brothers series by lauren dane.

Eve Heaton said...

I am reading Archangel's Consort. Just picked up the Guild Hunter's Series a few weeks ago. Love the Psy-Changling Series and thought I would give this one a try. Wasn't initally too keen on an "angel" book but I'm enjoying it tremondously. Can't wait until the September release of Demetri's story! Prior to the Guild Hunter's series I read the Hunger Game series. Really enjoyed that one as well.


Anonymous said...

Well, I´m re-re-re-reading Angels´ Blood....I´m still having Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione on my list of the books I haven´t read,yet, as well as some mangas, but since I´m leaving Germany on August 11th to stay in Ireland for a year I´m sticking to the books I already know...haha, I know it probably sounds weird but it somehow keeps me from going insane =D

Anonymous said...

I read Storm's Heart, the newest installment from the Elder races. It was great, I so am glad I got it early, but I have to say I still prefer Dragos ;p

Anonymous said...

Re-read Guild Hunter series. Now reading "Banewrecker" by Jacqueline Carey... heavy stuff, posits the view from the bad guy's side in an epic fantasy.

Gail Leinweber said...

I'm in love with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by NK Jemisin. It has one of the most original plots I've read in a long time and kept me glued to it for the almost 400 long page count. I will be acquiring the sequel shortly.

Annonymous... said...

just finished embraced in blood by laurie london.. ok so so...reading a non paranormal book , match me if you can by susan eliz phillips... funny dialogue... where the heroes are no so ubder with feet of clay.. but enjoyable neverthless.. going to read book 3 shadowalker by allyson jameson...

orannia said...

And a late response - sorry. I'm finishing off Magic Slays (Ilona Andrews) - I want to know more about Andrea & Raphael, but I don't think that will happen in the next 10 pages!!!

Then it's on to Play of Passion *grin*

Anonymous said...

Finally one of my favourite Love-Stories is published in English. It`s a E-Mail-Love story and I recommend it highly! - It`s Daniel Glattauer`s "Love Virtually" (Part 1) and "Every Seventh Wave" (Part 2). He´s an Austrian author.

Anna said...

Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston. I love her Pride series so decided to give the Magnus Pack series a try.

Anonymous said...

Divergent by Veronica Roth was awesome :-)