Monday, July 18, 2011

Classic Hits Interview

I had a fun interview on the Classic Hits Breakfast show with Dave and Camille last week. You can now listen to the interview online. Just follow the link. 

There's an audio quiz at the end of the interview. Don't give away the answers, but post how many you got right. 1, 2, or 3. :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


AlwaysV said...

That's a fun interview.. :)
Thnx for sharing.
I got 2 answers correct.
The first ONE is so unforgettable.
Not many readers could miss that one.

I do hope we get the Psy-Changeling series made into a TV series for real some day!

Anonymous said...

I loved the interview, it was very fun and relaxed! I got the last answer correct, used to watch that all the time =D

mbot565 said...

What a fun interview. Loved it! The opening & closing were pretty funny. You should share more of your interviews.
Oh, btw on your fb site, someone posted the Indonesian Angel's Blood cover. As an Indonesian living in the US, I was so excited to see the country's version of the cover, but gally it's ugly. Totally not doing justice to your story.

Were you consulted prior to printing on the cover? Did they ask for permission if they're censoring your books' contents?

Liz C said...

That was a great interview, it was so relaxed and fun, thanks for sharing it.
I am ashamed to say I didn't get any of the answers right forgot the last one and haven't seen the first two ah well maybe next time

Roksana said...

That was a great interview, the hosts of that show are super fun and you did well keeping up with them! lol.

I got number 1 and 3 right!
You didnt know number 3? should check him out he is my fav SS puppet! lol

Lola said...

brilliant interview!
got one and two right
<3 lost boys
also would totally adore if your books where made into a series or movie, could you post the link of the group they talked about on your facebook page? cause i couldn't find david's page :/

orannia said...

Oh, I will so need to listen to this tonight!

Saiqa said...

The interview sounded great Nalini and you sounded like you were having a ball. Its nice to hear your accent, because I have never heard a New Zealand accent before and wasnt sure what it would sound like. Its sounds friendly and musical, if that makes sense!

And would love to see your books on TV or the big screen.

By the way,I didn't get any of those right!

Sherri L. said...

Loved the interview Nalini. The count was funny. It would be awesome if your psy/changeling books were made into a TV series. I would definately watch it.

orannia said...

Great interview!

And I got three right! YES! *happy dancing*

Anonymous said...

Loved the interview. If your books were made into a series or a film it would be absolutely great but only if it was done right. I hate it when a film or series is nothing like the book.
I got the answers to question 1 & 2right.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I loved the interview....but I´m actually ALWAYS rather critical when it comes to turning books into a movie or a series cause however good and hard the people there work, they´ll just never get it right....not if you really love the major problem is, of course, the technology and the lack of proper means to "create" shapeshifters (just look at the poor were wolves in Twilight) and, of course, the wings....apart from that I guess ever author and every reader has his/her personal picture of the characters in his or her head and a movie mostly just destroys that.....just a few days ago I was watching the last part of Harry Potter with a friend of mine who´s actually read the books ( I haven´t) and although we both thought that it was incredibly well done and just an awesome movie she pretty often was like "oh...well I liked it better in the book"...but that´s just my opinion =)

Jessica D. said...

I was not able to listen to the interview. :(