Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Psy/Changeling & Guild Hunter Series Release Schedule

I wanted to update you all on my 2011 release schedule today, plus answer a question that I've been asked a number of times lately.

Will there be more Psy/Changeling books after Kiss of Snow?

The answer is yes, absolutely! I love writing this series, and there's still so much to explore with the characters, and the world.

However, I can't tell you much about the book after Kiss of Snow yet, because I'll be working on a Guild Hunter book next.

Next year, you'll be getting two GH books and one Psy/Changeling. Since this is the first time I'll be doing two GH books in a year, I've decided to do something a little different with the second book. Instead of focusing on Elena and Raphael, the book will focus on Dmitri.

(I'll still be writing more Elena/Raphael books.)

I won't have any information about the 2012 schedule for a while, so please be patient. :-)

Any burning questions? Leave them in the comments.


Anonymous said...

A whole book about Dmitri?! I'm soooo excited!!


LynnL said...

Woo Hoo, That's awesome. I can't wait. How about a book for Illium? I lurves me some Raphael though.

Unknown said...

YAY! Soo happy to hear that there are going to be 2 GH books this year!

Do you have a time frame when Dmitri's book will be out??


Anonymous said...

Dmitri and Holly Chang?

Nalini, you are a wonderful writer, your books (specially the GH series) make me so happy. The characters are so lovable.

Thank you so much.


Lynsey said...

Hello! I absolutely adore your books - your writting is inspirational. Are there going to be more Psy/Changeling books released soon in the UK cover? I'm dying to read the next stories but i really want to have the set in the full UK cover.
- Lynsey

Fiona said...

Dmitri. Awesome! Gorgeous character. You can't do anything wrong with a book about him if you ask me. (Unless he dies ;) ) I am looking forward to it!

But, to be honest... I'll read and love all of them, but I'll devour Kiss of Snow over and over again, no matter what. I'm mesmerized by the Psy/Changeling books.
I joined TEAM KALEB!
And I desperately wanna read a book about Riaz ...and Mercy's Brothers, too. (Happy ending included)

And here is my question:
Do you play with the idea of a new series? Anything? I would love to enter another one of your worlds!

(I'm sorry, I'm quite tired.. that's why I won't check my spelling and stuff .. gotta catch some sleep)

Anonymous said...

I am really happy to hear that there are going to be more Psy/Changeling books after Hawke's book!!! But do we really need to wait until 2012? Can't we have a second Psy/Changeling book in 2011? Please :)
Will the future Psy/Changeling books still focus on the SnowDancer wolves and DarkRiver leopards?
I can't wait to read Hawke's book! I am already counting the days :)
Thank you for writing those amazing books!! Please write many many more of them!


Casee said...

You say that the book will "focus" on Dimitri. Does it mean that he won't get a HEA in the book?

Trac said...

This news makes me so happy!!! You have no clue. :) I love both series and was actually hoping you would focus more on the Guild series coming up, since that series just got started. I'm also glad you'll be writing more books focusing on Raphael & Elena AND the Seven members too! As much as I want more books on Raphael & Elena, I want all the Seven to get their own HEA's too. =)

ps. I'm Team Jason btw, so don't forget about him! ;-)

orannia said...

Instead of focusing on Elena and Raphael, the book will focus on Dmitri.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Oh, nice question Fiona. If I may take that and run with it...do you ever dabble in something different? The GH and Psy-Changeling worlds are so rich (in world-building and 3D characters)...I just wondered if you ever felt like taking a step back, just to refresh and keep said worlds (and characters) vibrant?

And if there are to be more Psy-Changeling books, does that mean we might get to spend some time with a certain Wingleader? Sorry, he so completely caught my attention *grin*

Anonymous said...

The Wingleader caught my attention, too!

And when will Kit get his own book?

I absolutely LOVE the Psy-Changeling series!!!!!!!
I can't get enough of your books!!!

Nalini Singh said...

@Martina - Holly will play a part in Dmitri's book, but she's not his heroine from what I've seen so far.

@Danielle - the tentative release date is September.

@Lynsey - yes, they're coming out back to back from February to July!

@Fiona - I do have new series ideas, but timewise, I can't yet commit to one. My focus is on the Psy/Changeling and GH series right now :)

@Lisa - I think it'll actually be good to have a longer break between Kiss of Snow and the next book as, while I have the arc(s) planned, it'll allow me more time to finetune everything for the series going forward.

DR & SD are core elements of the series, so yes, they'll continue to play a big part. :)

@Casee - I just meant it'll be Dmitri's book. :)

Anon & Orannia - yes on Adam, the wingleader.

I think I caught all the questions, but if I missed anything, please repost.

Sara said...

2 Guild hunter books? Fantastic! Although I still love the Psy/Changling books, I think I like the GH hunter books a little more, just a smidge.

Any hints on who Dmitri's heroine will be? Have we met her? Will she be human/vampire/angel?

Even better news is that you'll write more Elena/Raphael. Will that book(s) be on 2012?

Anonymous said...

*jumping up and down with joy*

I love the GH series and I am so exited to hear that you are writing a book focused on Dimitri! Part of what I love about the GH series is not only the main characters and the amazing world you've created, but also the side characters that inhabit that world. They are so richly written, that yes many of them deserve their own book!

That being said, please don't forget about our favorite blue bell! I <3 Illium!

Thank you Nalini for these wonderful stories!


Erin E. said...

Very excited about Dmitri's book, I always found him a fascinating character! 2 GH books will be great, will definitely miss the second Psy/Changeling, but as long as we get more, it is all good!

Go Team Kaleb!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Holly Chang will be a heroine for someone else then? Or do you think she's just a very minor character? (And this is just your thoughts for right now, as I'm sure you might change your opinion either way later on...)

Sotheara said...

I'm so excited to hear there will be more GH books. This series has now become my all time favorite - surpassing JD Robb's In Death. I'm very excited to know that will continue to follow Raphael and Elena's adventures as well as the Seven! Thank you Nalini for sharing your wonderful stories!!!

PeppyPilotGirl said...

Oh, yay! I love the psy-changling books but the guild hunter series was my introduction to your work and will always have that edge up for me!!

I second the request for a HEA for Riaz - I felt so badly for him.

Can't wait to read about Dmitri! (This should be interesting!!)

Candy said...

I was wondering if you have ever thought about having your books made into movies or a television show? I think the GH books would translate so well as a big screen movie series. I would love to see the Psy/Changeling as a television series along the same lines of True blood.

Is there any chance of this happening? I'm going to keep my fingers crossed it does.

Calliope said...

Awesome! I can't wait to get into Dmitri's head. Not to mention get another POV on the GH world.

Will the flip of 2 GH, 1 Psy-Changeling publications continue?

Vi Dao said...

I'm just happy that you are still releasing 3 new books next year. I'm sure it's a grueling pace to keep up. I thank you kindly for it!

Anonymous said...

Nalini, soooooo happy that more GH books are on the way!! You are - without a doubt - my all time fav writer. I love escaping into your beautiful worlds... And Raphael.. ****sigh****!!

Believe it or not, I've even gotten my older Brother hooked on your GH books... He's totally in love with Elena (not that he'd ever admit that to his wife lol!) and he's almost looking forward to the next GH book as me... Almost! The only problem is that he keeps stealing my Nalini books!

Also I agree with Candy..... I would absolutly love to see the GH series translated into either a TV series or movie!!! Have you ever been approached fo this?


KT Grant said...

I assume Kaleb is anxious for his own story to be told?


Nalini Singh said...

@Sara - no hints just yet. I want to get deeper into writing the book before I discuss it.

As for 2012, that info will be coming later.

@Anon - Holly is a very interesting character, and right now, I'm concentrating on getting to know her better, so I can't answer that question yet.

@Candy & Sara - I'd love to see that happen, but having tv/movies made is quite rare. But fingers crossed!

@Calliope - at this stage, this is for 2011 only.

@Sara - Wow, that's great!

@Katiebabs - one track mind ;-)

Anny said...

omg... 2 books on guild hunter series... love them :) yay... i cant wait for the more elena and rapheal!!!

Is Dimitri's book just about Dimitri?? Will Elena and Rapheal play a big part in it too?? i dont want them to go, can they also play a big part in it plz??

thanks nalini, i love your books <3

Anonymous said...

Clarification please, Nalini:

So it sounds like the book after AC will still be about Raphael & Elena (bk 4)? And then the next one in the Guild series will be about Dmitri for that year (bk 5)? Or does Dmitri's book come next (bk 4), then another R&E book (bk 5)?


Ying said...

Omg, Dmitri is going to have his own book!!!! =D Super excited for this release next year, and of course Kiss of Snow and Archangel's Consort too.

This is the highlight of my day. *sigh* Dmitiri. :)

Claire McLaughlin said...

Oh Nalini! How do I love thee! I can't even count the ways! You definitely made my night and now I just can't wait for 2011! Can't wait for more guild hunter novels.

And one quick guess. Will the next set of psy/changeling books focus on some wolf lieutenants? No need to answer outright, blink twice if I'm correct!

Nalini Singh said...

@Anny - the usual cast will be present. :)

@T.L. - Dmitri's book will be book #4.

@Claire - you'll have to wait and see. *g*

teriannesis said...

No new series please!!! I am already getting stiffed out of more psy-changling books because Nalini is doing two Guild Hunters books. It is like with Christine Feehan. I used to get two or three Carpathian books a year, now because she has so many other series going I am lucky to get one book a year! I get that authors need to diversfy (sp?) so they have a backup in case genre fatigue dooms their first series. However in my opinion unless like Nora Roberts you write compulsively and produce such a backlog that you can satisfy everyone, adding new series just screws up the reading pleasure of the readers of the original series. I cannot help feeling miffed at the thought that if it wasnt for the Guild Hunter series I might have been reading Hawke's book right now!

Pam P said...

Great, Dmitri's book should be very interesting, always thought we'd be seeing a lot more of him.

Anny said...

hello nalini,

thanky you for answering the questions, just another quick question.

You know how you mentioned you were ony contracted for 4 books for the guild hunter series, does that mean now your writing more book?? that theres going to be book 5 and more??

plz say yes :)


Nalini Singh said...

@teriannesis - I'm afraid not. I would've still done two Psy/Changeling books a year, so you'd be getting Hawke's book at the same time.

@anny - no, I'm not yet contracted for more books. (Have to first complete this one). :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini,

thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions :)

I am really sad that after Kiss of Snow we have to wait until 2012 for the next Psy/Changeling book, but I am sure it will be worth the wait!!
Will there at least be a Psy/Changeling novella in 2011?
Will we get 2 Psy/Changeling books in 2012 again? Please!! :)
I can't get enough of your books :) Please write faster! LOL :)

Do you know any details about the next arc(s) yet?

I think someone already asked the question, but I couldn't find the answer: will Kit get his own book?

- Lisa

Regina said...

Hi, Nalini.

Love your books and I`m looking forward for Hawke´s.

Do you intend to write about the SN`s liutenents, say in a Novella or something? I so want to know more about them, mainly Cooper and Riaz (who broke my heart with his story with his mate...)


katrin said...

Will there a another novella or book about ashwini?

Pamela said...

Yay! I started with the GH series before the P/C series, so I am just as happy either way! I love them all.

So...Angel's Consort is the first 2011 GH release...and then Dimitri's will be #4, right?

Thank you for all your hard work to feed my addiction. You are made of awesome sauce. :) Bring on Dmitri!

Alis said...

I want more raphael and elena and see little of them will not enough for me.

CC said...

Looooove the GH series! To be honest, I would love to know what other series ideas are brewing in that brilliant mind of yours, Nalini, but if starting a new series would mean less GH books per year, I'm not sure if I could stand it (since I'm secretly hoping that we will get 2 books per year form now on). On the other hand, I'm sure the new series would be awesome too!=D

I really hope you get contracted for more GH books, we all want the seven to have their HEA's. On that note, will Dmitri get a HEA in book 4, or will his (love)story span over several books like R&E? Also, did you mention somewhere that you're working on Noah's story (the tortured vampire in AK), or did I completely make that up?;)

kismet said...

I'm super excited about Dimitri's book!!Even if I root for Venom :)
I really hope he will have his own book
Now, I have two questions:

How does Indigo not to get fat, at the rate she is eatig chocolate kisses?(and other sweets..):)

Is Kaleb the Psy who helped Annie, Zach's mate when she was little?

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember mention of a GH novella featuring Noel. Does that get bumped in favor of Dmitri and the new schedule?

Not that I'm complaining. The only thing that would make me unhappy is word of your retirement.

- Mic

Madhura said...

On the one hand, I am psyched that we will get 2 GH books this year. But I sure will miss the Changelings. Good thing that Hawke's book is a bit longer.

Nalini - not sure if you are still answering questions. Will subsequent Psy-Changeling books be all hardcover? Not that I am complaining, I will take them any way I get them. :)

Lola said...

How long have you been working on the Psy/Changelings series?
How long before you published your first book, and did you create this world when you were young and then wrote about it or was it more recent?

Diane said...

Will each of the Seven get their own story? They are all so individual. And only two next year? Any short stories in anthologies?

Anonymous said...

That is great news! Yahh! The GH series is my favorite series of yours and can't wait to read about Dmitri! Thank you, thank you Nalini. Just made my day!

Anna said...

Yeah! Woo hoo! Squee! More GH!!! Looking forward to Noel's novella, sounds like it could be part of a Christmas anthology.

I got a little nervous when you said you were writing Dmitri's story but then you said there would be more Elena & Raphael books. Maybe Elena can have a little fun with Dmitri as he's on the love roller coaster. mwah ha ha ha ha

I know you are getting a lot of questions yet I am curious if Dmitri's mate will be vampire, angel, or human.

Love your Psy/Changeling series too! You create such intriguing characters with such emotional depth in lavishly vivid and beautiful worlds. All that traveling you do must add to the rich worlds you build. Love it!

MaryF said...

Hey Nalini,
My question is do you know whos the story will be for the psy/changling series after hawke's book?

Anonymous said...

Dmitri`s story sounds good (Love him. *g*) and it does not matter if you give him a HEA or a harem. - I would love any story!

I´ve a few KoS questions:
- How high is the chance that we`ll read about Siennas birthday party?

- Will there be on the Psy and/or Changeling side losses (deaths)?
(Maybe some of which we have fallen in love?)

Vorpaks said...

I don't think anyone will complain about a whole Dimitri book!

Anonymous said...

Bummed about no Holly + Dmitri! :(

Calliope said...

Can you give any details about the GH novella you mentioned to be printed in an anthology with Meljean Brook, Ilona Andrews & Sharon Shinn?

And will there be Hunters other than Elena featured? Elena just seems like more of a bridge character than Dmitri...

Marq said...

So excited about 2 GH books for 2011! I love Dmitri. I hope that there'll be a book for Bluebell (Illium) in the near future? I'd take a novella. Anything!

Kati said...

Hi Nalini - I'm thrilled at the idea of two Guild Hunter books and Hawke's book.

But you know I had to ask, ever thought about giving poor, dark, angsty Jason a story?? He's just crying out to be loved. Don't you think?


Nalini Singh said...

Hi everyone! Wow, look at the questions. I'll do my best, but unfortunately, I don't have time to answer the general questions - this thread is more for queries about the schedule. We'll do an open Q&A when I've got a bit more time. :)

@Lisa - no Psy/Changeling novella next year, but there should be in 2012. I can't confirm anything yet though - I won't have final info about 2012 for a while.

- Kit isn't scheduled for a book anytime soon.

@Regina & Katrin - yes. But can't confirm when yet.

@Pamela - yes.

@CC - I'll talk more about Dmitri's book a little bit later on. (I generally like to get deep into a book before starting to discuss it). And yes, Noel's novella will be out next year.

@Mic - no, that's been turned in.

@Madhura - yes (current info).

@Diane - there'll be one Psy/Changeling and two full length GH novels next year, plus a novella.

@Anna - see answer above to CC. :)

@MaryF - I have a very good idea but I won't be talking about it for a while yet.

@Eva - you'll have to read the book to find out!

@Calliope - it's about Noel (scan down a few posts - I talked about it last week I think).

@Marq & Kati - it all depends on the storyline and whether it's the right time for them. :)

me said...

heyyyyy,I need Illium!!!!! :) the book can even be Elena & Illium.. I wouldn't mind... :)

nonminti said...

hm... I was wondering will ever Vasic be a lead character?that would be so great.I am looking forward for these two Psy! Just think how good Judd was and still issss! :)
I love GH so much! It is getting better and better.I am a little bit sad because Elena & her Archangel is one of my favourite couple ever,EVER! ok,my favourite. Do they get more books? please say YES! even can lie to me :)
and... will there ever be babies or troubles of jealousy in GH series? :D

nonminti said...

woops,"these two Psy" were ment to be Vasic & Kaleb. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini,

Thanks for the good news it cheered me up a bit after the very rough day I had. It's great that there will be a book about Dmitri. he seems like an intriging character to me.
Do you have any plans for coming to Europe? I live in England, so can you go there please?


Anonymous said...


so... how about this - 2 GH and 2 changeling books per year with a novella in each world? that just might feed my cravings for your books!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini,
i saw 2 GH novels and went *thud*
I absolutely love you work and since the GH was the first series I read I am totally over the moon... I really like reading your work and hope you keep it up.... I would really like to see a book with Illium....

Ali said...

Hi, does anyone know when play of passion is being released to people outside the US on r-reader

Anonymous said...

*This is me doing my happy dance.* Can't wait for Dmitri's story!!! 2011 can't come fast enough.


Nalini Singh said...

@nonminti - yes, I intend to write more Elena/Raphael books.

@ariane - not at this stage.

@Ali - if you're in the UK, Australia or NZ, Play of Passion will be out in ebook next year. I know it's a bit of a wait, but the UK publisher is doing back to back releases next year to catch up with the series fast.

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. I think I've answered most of the questions to do with the schedule, so I'm closing comments on this post.