Monday, November 01, 2010

Anticipated Releases

One day till Play of Passion releases!!

Over at Oddshots, I'm asking everyone to share what books they're looking forward to in the next few months. Join in and add your picks (or post them here!!). :-)


Unknown said...

OMG somehow Amazon delivered my copy of Play of Passion on Saturday. So, of course, I had to read it right away. So amazing! My favorite books are where the hero or heroine is a shifter and I loved that this book took us back to that world. So, after devouring this book, I'm on earth can I wait until June for Hawke's book?

Book Chatter Cath said...

Lucky you Theresa... I'm super jealous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I live in England and have to wait until Friday for PoP!!!! it's driving me mad, I ordered the book in July, I'm currently reading GA Aiken's dragon series :)

Willa said...

Squeeeeeeee! Mine plopped on the mat last Saturday, am in U.K.

Am savouring just having it here before I dive in!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!!

Florentina said...

I live in the UK too and I have to wait until Saturday!!! But maybe they deliver it earlier. One can always hope.

Diane said...

Play of Passion comes out tomorrow! So excited!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading Play of passion and Archangel's consort (of couse!!!). Also, Patricia Briggs Wolfsbane and River Marked, next kate daniels, Next cat and Bones J. Frost, to name a few...Though I like Hist Romance as and when I can get them, they are some how not the once I think a lot in advance about reading..The kickass heroine I like reading about are most common in Para and UF..

Catherine said...

Bought it and read it yesterday. Loved it. Time to go back and re-read it. See if I missed anything=)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Archangel's consort! Also looking forward to reading the last of the Vampire academy series:Last sacrifice by Richelle mead and a few others.

Aurian said...

I bought mine in the UK, The Bookdepository, and received it last friday, as did my friend. We're both reading it today. I've got a huge list of books for this month, not in any particular order:
Lisa Kleypas - Christmas Eve at Friday Harbour
Stephanie Laurens - The reckless bride
Nora Roberts – Happy ever after – Bride Quartet
Christine Feehan – Sea Storm Suzanne Enoch - Rules of an engagement
Karen Hawkins - One night in Scotland
Nalini Singh – Play of passion – Psy–Changelings 9
JD Robb – Indulgence in Death - In Death 38
CL Wilson – Crown of Crystal Flame – Tairen Soul 5
Marjorie M. Liu – The stars below – Dirk and Steele 10
Anna Windsor – Captive Spirit
Barbara Bretton – Spun by Sorcery
Anne McCaffrey – Catalyst – Barque Cats 1
Lori Handeland – Marked by the Moon – Night Creature 9
Cheyenne McCray – Vampires not invited – Night Tracker 3
Nora Roberts – The Other Side anthology
Jacquelyn Frank – Drink of me
Susan Krinard – Luck of the Wolf

Jo O said...

I thought that I had order Play of Passion but being a twit I had ordered Archangel's Consort twice! Of course I rectified this a couple of weeks ago when I realized my mistake, but now it is temporarily out of stock at Amazon Uk and they haven't given me a due date yet and Book depository are also out of stock - I keep asking to be notified when stock comes in but the notifications are coming through at about 1.00am and when I check my mail later in the morning all stock as gone!

Serves me right I suppose, I should check my pre-orders more often.

Roksana said...

Well...PoP TODAY!!
Then Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead early next month
River Marked - Patricia Briggs In Jan.

And there are man more!!!

Jo O said...

I should also check my spelling and grammar before I publish my comments. Sorry about the above post.


orannia said...

All the best for the release Nalini!

Anna said...

PoP will be mine mine mine tomorrow! Rain or shine!

Anxiously awaiting, in no particular order, ...

Lover Unleashed - J.R. Ward
Magic Slays - Ilona Andrews
Dreams of a Dark Warrior - Kresley Cole
No Place to Run - Maya Banks
Smythe-Smith Quartet series - Julia Quinn
Navarro's Promise - Lora Leigh
Tangles Threads - Jennifer Estep
Alpha & Omega 3 - Patricia Briggs


Archangel's Consort, of course!

Anonymous said...

Archangel's Consort

Nora Roberts -Bride Quartet Happy Ever After

JD Robb - Indulgence in Death

Natasha N said...

Yay!!! Just bought Play of Passion online for my sony reader! Sooooo excited

firewoman55 said...

I tried in vain to buy Play of Passion last night at Border's - drat, they didn't have it out yet. I will get it today. Other books I've got on my list to read in the next few months are:

Angel's Consort (THANKS SO MUCH for the excerpt on the web!!!!!!!! How you manage to convey so much caring in little actions amazes me!)

Katie MacAlister's 2 New Dark Ones novels (also out today, and me with only one Border's coupon)

Jeanienne Frost's This Side of the Grave (or Cat and Bones 5). Speaking of JF, she has a short story in Haunted By Your Touch anthology that has a Fallen angel by the name of Rafael. I had to keep reminding myself I wasn't reading about Elena's Rafael!)

Patricia Briggs - Wolfsbane and River Marked

and of course, Kiss of Snow as soon as I can get my paws on it.

Candy said...

I am waiting for Archangel's Consort! Anything else I read until them is just to tide me over:)