Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Book Club

Books, books, books! What are you reading and what are your recommendations this week?

Confession: I've been neck deep in edits, but I couldn't help myself - I placed a book order for when I go on holiday. It's an addiction (one I can live with *grin*).

Also, a heads-up: Ilona Andrews is giving away three copies of Must Love Hellhounds, Maya Banks is giving away ARCs of Sweet Seduction, and Jessica Andersen is giving away a book here. See, I help feed other people's addictions too ;-)

Now, let's talk books!


TamsG4 said...

Ooohhh I just stumbled across this I'm new to posting on blogs! Anyhoo...I just finished all of the current Vicki Petterson Signs of the Zodiac series, I couldn't put them down despite finding some of it really confusing, I think the really unique superhero/zodiac/Vegas setting/sort of Eastern philosophy angle kept me interested in something different. The characters are really engaging and I kept reading despite my confusion which normally maybe I wouldn't have, I can't wait to find out what happens next! I am now finishing up the Ronda Thompson Wild Wulfs of London books, which I first found thru anthologies. I find them to be a unique take on a werewolf story, and the not modern setting is a nice change for me.

orannia said...

Ohhhh, what have you ordered Nalini? (I always like to know what other people are reading in case it's a good find :)

I finished The Mirador last Saturday - AMAZING! Nalini - you have to try Melusine :) Then I read Eve of Darkness (SJ Day), which was good, and now I have my hands on CS Harris' Where Serpents Sleep and am loving that Hero is in it!

And since it is wet and woolly here and will probably be for the whole weekend, I'm going to hang the gardening gloves up and read...well, once the chores are done :)

Have a lovely weekend all!

Shaymless Aymless said...

I'm catching up on Ann Aguirre's Jax series (Grimspace and Wanderlust) and starting on Tessa Dare's Goddess of the Hunt

Now you have me wonder what you ordered!

Una said...

I read Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon - her latest in the Dark Hunters series and I LOVED it. It was everything I hoped for and now I feel bereft that I have year to wait for the next installment. Luckily I'm addicted to many other great authors (and I have this book club to give me fabulous suggestions as well).

I also read Eve of Destruction (the sequel to Eve of Darkness) by S.J. Day and it was pretty good. The mythology is so fascinating and I enjoy the ever increasing complexity of the "love triangle".

I also picked up Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie. It was witty and delightful, something I've come to enjoy in her writing. I have yet to read a book by her that I didn't enjoy. And I'm not a contemporary romance person yet, it is the humor that is prevalent in her writing that hooks me.

Unknown said...

I recently finished Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon; LOVED it! I also read Bitten and Smitten by Michelle Rowen; very funny! Just ordered the next in that series. I'm currently reading When A Man Loves A Weapon by Toni McGee Causey; if you haven't met her Bobbi Faye should! Next up will be If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl which was recently recommended by a friend. Happy Reading, everyone!

KT Grant said...

I had to read the short story in Anne Bishop's Dreams Made Flesh where Lucivar meets his wife Marian. *sigh*
Daemon and Lucivar have ruined me for all other men.

Cora said...

I've also read "Bad Moon Rising" by SK. I think, it's the worst book in the Dark Hunter world.
It's just a rehash from all Were-books. There are complete chapters from Vane and Wrens book copied as like other scenes. If I wanna read about Vane, Wren, Fury I read their books. In BMR is the same story told as in their books, only from Fangs point of view.

And I've read "Male of the Species" by Kate Steele. It's about shapeshifters, werewolfs.

At weekend I will do some book shopping...

Diane said...

I'm reading Wild Highland Magic by Kendra Castle; I've enjoyed her series with shifters and keep reading them as she writes them; I've also just bought Spider touched but haven't read it yet.

Hilcia said...

I just finished Nightlife by Rob Thurman, the 1st book in the Cal Leandros UF series. Definitely an enjoyable read! I'll be following up with this series... two brothers are the main characters, but the story is told from Cal's POV. Great characters!

Continuing with Melville's Perdido Street Station -- still enjoying the heck out of it.

@Aymless -- Love Aguirre's Jax series! Can't wait for Doubleblind to release. Enjoy!

Mariana said...

Just discovered Jordan Castillo Price (thnx to Larissa from last weeks list) and am steady going through all her books... PsyCop series was FANTASTIC! Will start the Channeling Morpheus tomorrow ;)

Bengal's Heart was good... but I may be getting Feline Breed fatigue. I'm not as enthusiastic as I once was.

Breaking the Silence by Katie Allen was GREAT! Love, love, loved those characters.

Darkness Calls by Marjorie M. Liu was GREAT... love those boys ;)

Anonymous said...

In the middle of reading Dragon Queen by Shawna Abe

Just finished reading
Speak of the Devil by Jenna Black
Saving Midnight by Emma Holly
Bengal Heart by Lora Leigh.
Cast in Silence by Michelle Sagara.

All of these books are parts of series for each of the authors. Out of the books that I completed reading I didn't enjoy Emma Holly's Saving Midnight as much as Bengal Heart or Speak of the Devil.

I am waiting impatiently to get my hands on Patricia Briggs Hunting Ground, Gina Showalter's The Darkest Whisper, Karen Marie Moning's DreamFever, and Jayne Castle's Obsidian Prey.

Shaymless Aymless said...

KB: Does this mean you are giving up on Michael?

Hilcia: Can't wait! Its a over a month away! Wah. I thought it was out the beginning of Sept.

Mariana: Loved Darkness Calls! Its definitely going on my best of 2009 list. Kinda makes you wish you had little demons too. ^_^

Soullumination said...

I just finished the first book by new author Jess Granger, Beyond the Rain.
(Romantic action, Sci-Fi.)

Soooo awesome! The Heroine is action-oriented & strong, even when she was out of her element. The Hero had a simmering sexiness that made him mouth-wateringly appealing. The world-building was good; I especailly liked the Hero's home.

I can't wait for Jess' next book!

Candace said...

I just finished Dracula. First, and probably last, time that I have read this book. It was difficult for me to get through because of the writing style but the second half is way better than the first half, and the ending was good.

Tiffany M. said...

I just finished reading Julia Quinn's It's In His Kiss. I found it enjoyable and funny, but not as much as What Happens In London. Her stories remind me of a mix of Hollywood screwball comedies of the 30s and Oscar Wilde plays with a dash of Austen set in Regency.

I'm looking forward to finishing The Smoke Thief by Abe and starting Impossible by Nancy Werlin.

firefenix said...

What have you ordered Nalini, please share :-).
I am halfway through Slave to Sensation from Nalini. I truly am enchanted, I love it!
I ordered the next one in the series.
I am also going to read (soon) one of the Breeds Series from Lora Leigh.
Any recommendation you guys???

Unknown said...

I am currently re-reading the whole dark-hunter series. Just finished Talons book. I will not read the whole book of Zarek because it just to hard. I always want to cry along with him.

Unknown said...

@ Julia
oh yeah... I love the dark-hunter series, too.

I've just finished Bad Moon Rising from Sherrilyn Kenyon. I was a little disappointed. It's almost like reading a repeticion of the Were Hunter Books. Ok it had a few very good moments, but I expected more.

Today I'll finish with "Cuttin Loose" from Susan Andersen. It's simply romance without too much surprises, but it's funny. I think I'll order the second book too.

Yesterday I ordered "Bad Attitude" from S.K., "What I did for love" from Susan Elizabeht Phillips and "Raintree 3" from Beverly Barton.
Hope they will be good.

Tiona said...

I am reading Hot Pursuit by the wonderful Suzanne Brockmann. Gotta love the way she mixes reality and fantasy. As usual, she is one of the greats! Keep up the good work, Nalini

Jory Strong said...

I've been holed up in my writer's cave this week, so not much reading. Only one book to recommend, Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick.

Hilcia said...

@SoulIllumination -- thanks for recommending Beyond the Rain by Granger. I'm adding titles to my Sci-Fi/Romance list for the year. I saw a review for this book and it sounded good, but this is the 2nd recommend, I see. Now I'm definitely putting it on that list. :)

Pissenlit said...

Yay for Friday! This week, I've read and recommend:
Mike Carey - Dead Men's Boots
Kristin Cashore - Graceling

Patricia Briggs - Alpha and Omega
(novella in On The Prowl)
Patricia Briggs - Cry Wolf
Rachel Caine - Undone

Anonymous said...

I finished A Duke of Her Own, Eloisa James final book in her Desperate Duchesses series and For the Earl's Pleasure by Anne Mallory. I'm in the middle of Goddess of the Hunt and like others, waiting for Patricia Briggs's Hunting Ground and Jayne Castle's Obsidian Prey. My TBR pile includes Ilona Andrews and Alyssa Day. I'm also looking at Mary Balogh's back list. Any suggestions from anyone on her books? Thanks!

Kathy Martin said...

Patty, you might want to move the Ilona Andrews to the "I'm reading this next" pile. I was glad I did.

I also read Hot Pursuit this week and Knockout by Catherine Coulter.

My favorite of the week was Treaon's Shore by Sherwood Smith.

Christina said...

I haven't been able to read a lot this week, everything I've read has been for research or for my class that begins in September(I can't believe how quickly September is approaching...). I've mainly reread MTP, and "The Warlord Wants Forever" (Kresley Cole's IAD novella in Playing Easy to Get).

I am half way through Marjorie Liu's The Iron Hunt. I liked her Dirk and Steele novel and decided to try her other series. So far, so good!

Karima-- Lora Leigh's website has a chronological order of her books, if you are curious. Tempting the Beast is technically first, I started with Megan's Mark.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Karmina: They can pretty much be read in any order. All the books are very loosely tide together. If you have the Hot Spells anthology, check out LL story there. Personally I liked Elizabeth's Wolf and Mercury's War best.

Nalini: Come on. You have to dish. What did you order? You enquiring readers want to know. ^_^

Mariana said...

@Aymless - I could use a couple of the little guys... with a side of Grant ;) I love Marjorie M. Liu.

Rianne said...

I've spent the week rereading some very old favorites of mine, namely the Mrs. Pollifax series by Dorothy Gilman. The first book is from the sixties, the last from the nineties. Mrs. Pollifax is an elderly lady who one day goes to the CIA to tell them she wants to be a spy. She becomes one by accident and that's where the fun starts (at least for me). Because she looks so innocent she can play the tourist very well, nobody will think she's a spy.

I first started reading the series when I was in my late teens and now, more than twenty years later, I still like them a lot. So I really can recommend them!

Currently I'm reading Running Hot by Jayne Ann Krentz (I will finish it this weekend I hope) and after that I want to start with Blood Sins by Kay Hooper.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I have 2 full weeks until my teaching year starts, so I will take your advice. Kate Daniels moves to the top of the pile! LOL

Rianne, I really liked Running Hot. Luther and Grace have a great story.

Hilcia said...

@Patti, re: Mary Balogh's backlist -- my favorites by Balogh are: The Secret Pearl, A Summer to Remember, and from the "Slightly Series" -- Slightly Married and Slightly Dangerous (1st & last in that series). Hope that helps. :)

Nalini Singh said...

For all you curious cats, here's what I ordered.

Demon Angel - Meljean Brook (I needed a keeper copy). Also, if you haven't read Meljean, you must!

Practice Makes Perfect - Julie James ('cause I loved Just the Sexiest Man Alive)

Haunting Beauty by our guest author this week. Can't wait to dive into it.

Bengal's Heart by Lora Leigh (I couldn't wait anymore!)

The Death Maze - Ariana Franklin (I talked about her medieval mysteries in a previous book club).

Patty/Anon- I already have Obsidian Prey pre-ordered too :)

Ang from Oz said...

I have just finished reading...

The Forrest of Hands and Teeth
by Carrie Ryan - Great book, especially if you like Zombie movies, I found it was also similar to the movie "The Village"

And.. Wings by Aprilynne Pike
Who I have been told is Stephanie Meyers Protege. It is the first in a series of four, and is about faeries. Not a bad read.

Tabitha said...

I just finished I Can See You by Karen Rose. Love KR. I'm anticipating her next book already and I don't know when that is, or who is in it.

Christina said...

Nalini-- I just got Demon Angel from the library, its on the top of my TBR pile.

Patty-- I didn't realize how little time I had left till the teaching year started until I heard someone else say it! Now I feel I have to work double time to get everything done! (Especially since its my first class...)

Bridget Locke said...

Kind of going thru a dryspell. I know! I'm shocked too.

But, next week is Blood Promise by Richelle Mead, book 4 in her fantastic Vampire Academy series. If you're looking for a story with all kinds of awesome twists and turns, I cannot recommend this series enough.

I'm sad Bad Moon Rising from SK sounds like a rehash of all the other books. :( I think I'll wait 'til it comes out in paperback. *sniffle*

Any good recommendations? I'm bored outta my mind!

Savannah said...


I´m currently reading "Shadow Kiss" by Richelle Mead.I also read "Vampire Academy" and "Frostbite".She´s such an amazing writer

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hilcia, I've written those Balogh titles down. I'm a need-to-read-books-in-order nut, so I've been to her web site and I've got all the correct reading order down! Now I need to win the lottery or retire so I have time to read, read, read. LOL

Christina, this will be year 17 for me in the classroom. I always feel a little bit nervous and unprepared, but the first day always happens and the kids never know. You'll be great. :-)

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I loved Treason's Shore by Sherwood Smith which I read last Saturday! Today I read Cold Moon Rising by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp, the latest in their Sazi series. Wonderful! I'll have to go reread the books from the beginning after finishing my current book, The Fire King by Marjorie Liu. Also wonderful! I have more books on my to be read pile....

Shannon said...

I have just started Lora Leigh's Breed Series with "Tempting the Beast." The only thing I can say is WOW! Loved it sooo much, and will be reading all of the others.

I also just finished Jacquelyn Frank's Shadowdweller Series (Ecstasy and Rapture), and will be picking up her third at the end of the month when it comes out.

Both great writers-I just could not put their books down, and recommend to anyone who hasn't already read them!

Anneela said...

Hi Nalini! I just finished reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's Night's my first book in the series...great read. I'm almost thorough with Kerrelyn Sparks's the Undead Next Door...great so far. Then I'm on to Dan Brown's Deception Point. By the way Nalini, it looks like you turned me on to wolves...:) Just can't get enough of them...hehe