Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paranormal Romances

I'm doing a workshop on Paranormal Romances at the RWNZ conference later this month, and I have some questions for everyone. I'll be collating the info and using it spark discussion in the workshop.

1. Who are some of your favorite paranormal authors and why? What makes you love that author/authors so much?
2. What makes a paranormal romance stand out for you?
3. Anything else you want to say? Here's your chance!

Answer any or all!


kylie said...

Favorites: Well, you're one of my top favs, Nalini. Your stories are character driven and so three-dimensional that you can't help but become emotionally invested and arrested. World-building, consistency and a level of 'intelligence' are huge, huge factors as well. And along this vein, the world you create is something fantastic and believable at the same time. For those reasons and then some, you, along with Marjorie Liu, Karen Moning, JR Ward, and Kresley Cole are my favs.

orannia said...

Ohhh, that will be a great workshop!


1. Are, I'm not trying to suck up or anything but you're my paranormal author :) Why? Because you're incredibly consistent - across the characters and the world-building. Your characters also feel very real and, thus, relatable. I like that reality :)

2. What makes a paranormal romance stand out for me is consistency. There is nothing that is more frustrating that a character doing something that is completely at odds with who they have been. (It can work though if the author can explain the reasons behind the action.) Also, the author wrote the world, so the story needs to fit within the rules of that world. Authors changing the rules to fit their story...not an enjoyable read IMO.

3. I think I'm in the minority with this, but it is nice to occasionally have heroines that don't confirm to current fashion standards...

All the best with the workshop Nalini!

Shaymless Aymless said...

1. You do great world building and create some very wonderful characters. As for others (and they all have what Kylie touched on - making the it real. Bring the myths/legends/whatevers to life.)
* Kresley Cole - because she's made her world so lively and fun. Has the real world intersect with the paranormal world.
* SJ Day - took a well known story and twisted it and made it really work. And a seamless blend of real and fantasy world.
* CL Wilson - created such a rich world with its own legends and history. Love it.
* Meljean Brook - again a very creative use some of common mythos of the world in adding the addition depth.

2. Its the blend of the unknown, unbelievable and fantasy all rolled into one. Creating the rules and sticking to it really makes a paranormal world come to life. Nothing kills a world like breaking the rules.

3. I agree with Orannia. Need more heroines that are "real" people. Fat,zits, warts and all.

Chris said...

1. Favorites - Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione, you, Eileen Wilks, Carolyn Jewel, J.L. Langley, Ally Blue, Patti O'Shea, Gena Showalter, Meljean Brook, Jeaniene Frost, Marta Acosta, Lynne Connelly... Whew!

2. I think the answer to the second part of the first question is the answer to this question, too. :) Good writing. Good story/series concept, executed well. Able to evoke my emotions and to make me care deeply (to the point of getting anxious when bad things happen!) about the characters. If I read a few chapters and find I don't care whether the characters live or die? Not going to finish the book.

Disgruntled Lawyer said...

Well, honestly, you Nalini and JR Ward are the only "paranormal" authors I read. I generally stick to contemporary romance and/or romantic suspense, but I love both of your works.
I think what works for me and what's similar for both of you is that somehow, the paranormal world seems realistic. It makes sense, both internally (i.e. the rules of the world are consistently applied) and externally (somehow I think that yes, both vampires and Psy or Changelings could occur). I also love series-I think stories are enriched by seeing characters grow and develop over the course of books.
Even though the characters are paranormal, their struggles are universal-self-esteem, family problems, others' expectations of the characters.

Erin said...

To me, a paranormal lives and dies first by its worldbuilding. If I, as a reader, sign on to a specific set of rules, then everything else that happens should make sense--no additional suspension of disbelief required. It's awesome for me when the world itself creates conflict for the characters (StS is a perfect example of this) In the best paranormals, the characters behave exactly the way you'd expect them to given the world they inhabit.

Unknown said...

My favorite paranormal authors are you (Nalini Singh) and Kresley Cole (and a year ago I would have said JR Ward as well, but I haven't enjoyed her last two books).

I think a paranormal author has to have a vision of their world, be true to that vision and enhance it in each book. I also like an author who creates a unique vision. For example, Kresley Cole has vampires and witches and werewolves which are traditional characters but the way they interact with each other is completely unique in her world. You (Singh) have shapeshifters and very unique other characters. For me, its also very important that the author is true to their world and has a well scoped world in the first book.

I love paranormal romance because it can be edgy. I don't read much contemporary because I find many of the heroines very superficial and not relatable for me. I work in analytics in the financial sector and am sick of journalists, fashion designers, and secretaries as heroines (its not my world). With the paranormal world I feel like authors are a bit edgier and can have more aggressive/modern women than I find in contemporaries.

I didn't read paranormals until probably 3 years ago but they have become an addiction for me!

Anonymous said...

Okay I have a ridiculous number of fav authors but the top of the list would be Singh and Kenyon. Why? Cos of the characters and the world building. As someone else said, despite the settings and basic improbability of a paranormal setting my favs make characters believable. (except for Ash's story, but that is a different rant) Yet also tend to spend enough time building the world, so that as a reader I am fully sucked into the story, and believe the fantastic creature/events that take place there.

2) I think I answered that above if you meant an individual book in the genre? Though would also add a kick arse or strong heroine, that doesn't get totally outshined (is that a word?) by the hero. This not being done will pull me out of a book and end up hating it and the author.

3)mmm.. what I would like more of in the genre? Like someone else said, more world building and keep it consistent.
On a completely personal note, while yes some stories with a more realistic heroine would be nice in some ways, if you are going to have a kick arse heroine than don't have her doing completely TSTL things or completely overpowered by the hero. I think the paranormal world has room for a bit more equality. That is just my opinion, and this reply kind of turned into a repetitive rant, sorry!

Shannon said...

1. Who are some of your favorite paranormal authors and why? What makes you love that author/authors so much?

Answer: My top favorite paranormal authors have to be:

*You, of course!
*Charlaine Harris
*J.R. Ward
*Sherrilyn Kenyon
*Lora Leigh
*Jacquelyn Frank
*Dana Marie Bell

I love ALL of these authors because they keep the reader involved and enthralled through each story and series, and these authors just don't dissappoint me as a reader. They keep me interested and entertained, and that takes a lot of talent! LOL!

2. What makes a paranormal romance stand out for you?

Answer: For me, the storylines have to be plausible so that I can actually envision the world created by the authors. Also, the characters have to be strong, funny or fun-loving, and interesting througout the story or series. The romantic scenes should definitely be on the hot side, as well, to keep my interest, if you know what I mean! *wink*

3. Anything else you want to say? Here's your chance!

Answer: I am actually a member of a Paranormal Romance Book Club, and we read several different books from various authors which is how I found you Ms. Singh! I truly love your work, and just can't wait to see more of it! Good luck with the workshop!

:Candice: said...

I read paranormal because I love the alpha men overcoming 'demons' for their loves. I also love the many different series available in the paranormal genre and the authors various takes on the paranormal

who doesn't love hot men saving the world from evil?? ;-)

MaryK said...

Well, I really like your books and am thrilled with the new Angel series, but that's probably not useful for your workshop.

I'm kind of blanking out on Paranormal Romance authors right now. Every one I come up with is really Urban Fantasy. I will say that Paranormal Romance must have the requisite HEA ending or it's not Romance. That's important to me as the lines between PR and UF are getting blurry.

Anonymous said...

1. Who are some of your favorite paranormal authors and why? What makes you love that author/authors so much?

Karen Marie Moning The Fever Series, Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels and of course you, Nalini. I love their original world-building, the relatable/reliable but exeptional characters. Finaly I love the authors also for their engagement with the readers. You are all very involved on the blogs, forums, message boards. I like it very much to feel a part of a community.

2. What makes a paranormal romance stand out for you?

I like vamps and weres and shifters and magic. It adds somethting to the romance. Also I really love fantasy. Maybe because we all imagine ourselves as little princesses who are in need of a hero, dark and handsome, but one who gets romantic only for you. :-) The ultimate fantasy.

3. Anything else you want to say? Here's your chance!

Willa said...

1. Who are some of your favorite paranormal authors and why?

Larissa Ione
Cynthia Eden
Nora Roberts
Nalini . . uh . .somebody! *grin*

What makes you love that author/authors so much

In a word - consistency. With both the characters and worldbuilding. In a series, I want the characters we are introduced to in earlier books to *be* the same character when they get their own book. I also need the layers of the worldbuilding to remain in line with what has been set in previous works.

What makes a paranormal romance stand out for you? The range of different characters, vamps, shifters, Psy, demons - the immense possibilties for a truly different/adventurous and moving story - where the only limitation is the authors imagination. And their skill with their writing to make you believe.

Rianne said...

Favorite paranormal authors: Nalini Singh (off course!), Sherrilyn Kenyon, Michele Bardsley (I hope I'm writing this right) and Christine Feehan.

Standing out: the characters have to be believable to me and that always depends on the way a book is written. I like it very much when there is a "twist" like the way in Angels' Blood how vampires are made. Or in the books by Michele Bardsley about the town of Broken Heart, all single persons who become vampires. It keeps the books interesting because the storyline isn't completely predictable for me.

What would I like more, I don't know. I think what orannia said about heroines that don't confirm to current standards is very nice (I remember Bride from one of Kenyon's books, I really liked her). And also I always like it when there is something to guess, I don't want to know everything, I want to use my own fantasy.

Rianne said...

I almost forgot, I like Jayne Ann Krentz very much. Especially the series about the arcane society, including the ones from Amanda Quick and the books from Jayne Castle.

Danica Avet said...

These are good questions! A short list because I know you'll be pressed for space! You, of course, Kresley Cole, JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, to name a few.

I love paranormals because anything really is possible. I enjoy the worlds that my favorite authors build, the ways they come up with unique characters for those worlds. I love reading about how 'regular' humans react to that world. I just love it all.

I also like writing about it, thinking about how I can try to live up to my favorite authors' world and character building. It's a wonderful genre. Marvelous!

firefenix said...

My favorite authors: Nalini, of course, Kresley Cole, JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Now I discovered more from the Friday book Club, so I read Bengal's Heart (Hot :-))!
Why: because reading your/their books makes me truly dive in the parallel worlds they describe. I get involved with the characters, with their feelings (love that!), their conflicts , weaknesses and pains and sorrows. So when they meet their true love, I can feel the sparks flying around, the flames of passion, the struggle to free themselves of whatever they perceive as a threat to their older selves until they surrender to the power and magic of love and become so much more than they were... I literally live all that with them so I get to follow them around, put myself in their shoes and dream and experience what they go through:-).
I like, Nalini, the way you personally interact with your readers and fans.
2.The sheer creativity that goes into the world building but also how extraordinary the characters are, how unique in their own ways. Vampires have been around for so long but the Brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (JR Ward) for instance clearly stand out from the rest of them...
Nalini's Angels (well, Raphael and his Ellena) stand out for me. I love it when a supernatural being becomes more human once he/she truly falls in love.
3. What shall I say, the changelings / Breeds and their mating bond are perhaps the best invention ever. I would not say no if I had one of those hot cats as a mate, forever...
Now, I am waiting expectantly for Nalini’s Angels to show me more and to take me with them into wonderful adventures.
Keep up the magic of paranormal romance!

Mariana said...

1. Favorites: Nalini Singh, Jordan Castillo Price, Marjorie M. Liu, Christine Feehan, Jet Mykles, JL Langley, Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Shelly Laurenston, alyssa Day and Ilona Andrews.

I love these authors because they write characters that seem real to me. I want to learn about them, read more about them. They build a world I want to be in for however long that book lasts (sometimes after that too).

2. A paranormal stands out to me when the story is believable. When the world is consistent and the characters are true to that world created by the author. Also, when the romance is just as strong as the paranormal. When there is a true love story beneath all the other elements in the book.

jenyc said...

1. You :) - I love the complex worlds that you've created and how your (sexy) characters (whom I love) are intertwined.
Kresley Cole - Her characters are hilarious and I often laugh aloud reading her books.
Patricia Briggs - I love the way she develops her characters (mercy thompson series) and the tension between them.
Karen Chance - Also another author who brings funny to the pages and action scenes.
Charlaine Harris - There is so much drama going on it keeps you going and her characters are all so quirky.

2. I think what makes a paranormal romance stand out is the world that is created. I've got to be able to see this world and be drawn in as if it's real with all the characters in it. They've got to fit together. And of course characters with depth, with a backstory. I love when you get explanations and reasons behind things. There are plenty of books that are disappointing when there is no depth and reasoning, they end up just hollow.

3. With all of these authors, they keep me wanting more, which is very important. I literally cannot put the books down when I get started and can't wait for each new release in a series.

I adore paranormal romance, there really is no limit to the imagination in this genre, it's amazing, the diversity within the genre. And who doesn't like a great love story.

Madhura said...

First off, I love your writing. You are among my top authors in any genre.

1. Authors - JR Ward, Kresley Cole, Jeaneine Frost, Larissa Ione, Sydney Croft, Lora Leigh and ofcourse you.
2. I love PNR because it has way of expanding on the traditional romance stories. I have always been a sucker for romances and these provide me so much more than that. There is a whole world of action, magic and imagination that completely thralls me.
3. When is your next chat? I would love to ask you a couple of questions on the series.


Hilcia said...

In Paranormal Romance I have two authors whose series that I still follow:

1) Nalini Singh
2) Kresley Cole

Reasons: Excellent balance between the world building and the Romance. The Romance is the focus in each individual book, while the world building stays tight and continues to grow throughout the series. Excellent characterization throughout.

I have one author that I've added to my list and am enjoying thoroughly as well:

1) Larissa Ione

Unknown said...

Well, as the others said. you are my favorite also. I can always feel with your characters and the story gets more and more exciting! For me it is important that in a series former characters are also occuring and do not just vanish!
I do like sherrylin kenyons books. she created a fascinating world! The same goes for Kresley Cole and Karen Chance.
The most important thing is that the story is plausible. The author should always have in mind what he has written before. Your bible of events and characters is a must have in my opinion. And of course the end has to be explosive!

Eva / TXBookjunkie said...

1. Favorite Authors: You, of course. Off the top of my head: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lora Leigh, Shelly Laurenston, Meljean Brook, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, Alyssa Day, and Christine Feehan. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of other authors that I read. These authors have created a great world with awesome storylines that happen to incorporate paranormal aspects (but not just use it as an aside). Great characters (strong females and yummy males) are a must too.

3. I'm glad paranormals are so popular now, because I've always been interested in paranormal/fantasy stories. They're just so fascinating. My favorites involve shifters and magic. But when does paranormal move from fantasy/futuristic? I almost listed C.L. Wilson as a favorite, but then decided she belonged in fantasy. Jayne Ann Krentz's Jayne Castle books have characters that might be considered paranormals, but are they actually futuristic since they're set in a future world? Would your books be considered futuristic instead of paranormal? What makes a paranormal a paranormal?

Eva / TXBookjunkie said...

1. I also like Larissa Ione, Carolyn Jewel, Dana Marie Bell, Jacquelyn Frank, J.R. Ward (her first 3 books), and Karen Chance. (As I peek at other commenter's lists)

Una said...

1. The authors that I gravitate to are the ones that make the characters 'breathe' and it is those characters that drive the story. They are multi-faceted which make them 'feel' real and keep you turning pages. Another element is world building, creating a mythology that has enough reality in it that gives it a good foundation so you can immerse yourself in it. Here are a few writers that I feel excel in that are you, J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Keynon, Patrica Briggs, Jim Butcher, Stephenie Meyer, Larissa Ione, Gena Showalter, Anne Bishop, and Lara Adrian.

2. I love the fantasy aspect. Like I said in Erin's guest blog yesterday, the balance of the "special" with the average. That some average person can be involved or have these special abilities, or that this 'special' person has the same trials/tribulations, goals/dreams as us average people. It's fantasy that is freeing. Plus paranormals are mysterious and fascinating.

3. Have fun at the workshop and please let us know how the it all goes! I'm sure it'll be great!

I agree with Orannia, having characters that are not within current fashion/culture trends.

I also want to add that in the authors that I love, they have found a balance between the romance conflict (our HEA) and the world conflict (that may be contained in the one novel or be spread out over a series). When that balance is out, I find them either too much romance, or wondering where the romance went (strictly speaking in regards to Paranormal Romance and not Paranormal genre in general).

Christina said...

Theresa--glad I am not the only one who hasn't enjoyed Ward's latest

I wish I could attend the workshop! It sounds like its going to be a blast.

1. Favorite authors (ones I buy the moment the book hits the shelf): Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole, Karen Marie Moning, and Gena Showalter's Lords series (I'm going to throw out PC Cast's House of Night series, they are YA, but still paranormal). I love all of these author's because they create a realistic world I want to dive right into. I feel like the events and people they portray are real, they exist somewhere. The characters and stories they all write draw me in, so that I can't wait until the next release, wanting to see more of this world.

2. The world the author creates has to have rules. It has to be believable. I don't have to know all the rules in the first book, but when things are introduced later in the series, it has to make sense (such as the intro of the Human Alliance-- believable, acceptable, an awesome parallel to the psy council). The level of storytelling has to be consistent, too, and all of your heroes and heroines deserve equal treatment when they receive their own novel (my problem with JR Ward's novels is this).

3. Alpha men who aren't afraid to gravel for their heroine ^_^ I love authors who write an alpha man who can own up to having messed up with the heroine and doing anything to make it up to her (Kresley does this so well in the IAD series-- Bowen, Lachlan...).

T said...

I don't usually read paranormals unless it's a book highly loved by a BFF

1. But even then, Nalini Singh would have to be my favorite author. The reason why your work stands out so much is the tone of the writing and how in all your books, readers know there's a chance of them bursting into tears or giggles depending . Another reason is that we get your books twice a year!

2. Like other people said, world building is the most important part in paranormal romances. You could have a world with Changelings, Psy, and humans, but would your books be the same if there were no Cardinals and Wolf shifters (gasp!) existing? Every detail counts and Books 1 & 2 wouldn't be the same with Sascha and Faith not being Cardinals. Another thing that stands out for me personally in PNR is how much the hero and heroine (while having beast and magical qualities) are humane and can see the difference between right and wrong.

I hope you have fun in your workshop


Anonymous said...

Fun questions!

many listed above already
Ms. Nalini (your name bears repeating!)
Angela Knight
Eve Kenin
Leigh Wyndfield
Linnea Sinclair
Lisa Renee Jones
Shana Abe

What stands out:
I like my fiction to be fiction. Take me somewhere I can't get to in my "real" life. Introduce me to people and places that I will never encounter except in your world. I mean, in real life it's possible I could win the lottery and/or have Vin Diesel sweep me off my feet... maybe not probable, but it is "possible". Of course, the story has to be told well and, as others have mentioned it must be consistent, but draw me into a world that I can't get to on my own.

What else I want to say:
I would also like to add that the trend towards "darker" scenarios lately bothers me. Anyone else notice there's a whole lot more abuse showing up in certain genres of "romance" fiction? Please don't make me fictionally live through a favorite character or sub-character being raped. I can get past it if it's mentioned that it happened in a character's past, but don't have it happen in the present and please don't walk me through it moment by moment. For anyone who's had to deal with that topic in real life (whether for yourself or supporting a victimized friend) it does not make for enjoyable "escapism". Two of my more favorite authors have recently lost me because of this. I no longer trust that reading their books will make me feel satisfied instead of taking me somewhere that brings up nightmares.


Natural Beauty Burra said...

1)The Psy-Changeling books are my top paranormal series these days:p Other than you though, Nalini, some of my favorite paranormal authors are Lora Leigh, Shelly Laurenston & JR Ward. Just like in non-paranormal romances, I appreciate vivid characters, and an interesting spin on things. There are so many paranormals published these days that just don't stick out from one another at all.
2)Pretty much the same things as mentioned in 1...depth, both in characters and plot.

MaryK said...

Someone mentioned Paranormal Romance series where the HEA is extended across the series arc. Personally, I don't read those until they're proven to be Romance by the completion of the HEA arc; I don't consider the individual non-HEA books to be Romance.

Series can go on forever, and they can be canceled. There's also been a lot of misuse of the Paranormal Romance label, and I don't want to get suckered. When I read Urban Fantasy, I know not to expect an HEA ending. When I read PR, I expect an HEA ending, and I better get it.

There's also a lot of reader crossover between PR and UF. In these comments, I've seen UF books referenced as PR. Ilona Andrews, Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs' Mercy series - these are UF with strong romance subplots. But if readers think of them as PR, they can be greatly disappointed.

When Angels' Blood (which I loved, btw) came out, I was very cautious until I saw your blog comment in response to a question about the HEA: "ANGELS' BLOOD is being called an urban fantasy romance *g* Let's just say I don't think any of you will be disappointed (and I'm a die-hard romance reader)."

MaryK said...

Gah! One more thing. (I'm not usually this long-winded, but you've hit on a subject I'm very interested in. :) )

What I really liked about Angels' Blood: The edginess of the hero, and the fact that he didn't inexplicably lose the edginess during the progress of the story. He does get blunted some but it's because he recognizes his harshness and intentionally pulls back from it. There's a big difference between a character trait simply disappearing (after being used to lure in readers) and it being recognized and consciously altered.

Nalini Singh said...

You guys are amazing! Thank you for the comments and please keep them coming. This is help so much with the discussion in my workshop!

Una said...

Here's an interesting question that came to me while reading MaryK's comments.

Is Paranormal automatically Paranormal Romance? I use Paranormal to describe a certain facet of the Fantasy genre. Just as easily can you state that within the genre of Romance, you have Paranormal Romance. Is Urban Fantasy supposed to be the clarification within Fantasy now instead of Paranormal? I thought Urban Fantasy is similar to alternate universe - this time frame but with fantasy overtures?

Goodness this can be so confusing. I have paranormal writers that I enjoy, some are Paranormal Romance and some are Paranormal Fantasy writers. So when asked about Paranormal writers...I just group them together.

Starmmie said...

1. You
2. Ilona Andrews (not really romance)
3. Shelley Laurenston
4. Patricia Briggs
5. Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle
6. Robin D Owens
7. Moira J Moore (again not really romance)
8. G.A Aiken (Shelley Laurenston writing as)
9. Nina Bangs

I'm fogetting some I know...All of these authors keep me involved in the story. I never read the last few pages just to see if I want to keep reading thru to the ending.

I get drag into the story. I end up laughing out loud or crying while reading the books and I always want the next one as soon as I finish the current one. I can read the books over and over and not have to skip any parts...

MaryK said...

@Una - "I have paranormal writers that I enjoy, some are Paranormal Romance and some are Paranormal Fantasy writers. So when asked about Paranormal writers...I just group them together."

I don't think you're wrong to do that. If we like paranormal, I think we tend to make it almost its own classification in our minds. I was trying to come up with my favorite paranormal authors and realized every one I thought of was technically Urban Fantasy or Fantasy.

The problem arises when you specifically want paranormals that are Romance, then you have to be conscious of genre. In this case, since Nalini is going to a romance writers conference and her workshop is specifically about Paranormal Romance, I wanted to point out the different expectations attached to each genre and the issues that come up when the genre lines are blurred.

Twimom227 said...

1. Who are some of your favorite paranormal authors and why? What makes you love that author/authors so much?
>> My favorite paranormal romance authors include Nalini Singh, JR Ward, S. Kenyon, Larrisa Ione, Gena Showalter and Lara Adrian. I find that I love their works so much because they create worlds that I adore and I want to return to over and over again. Their stories are strong and can sustain a lengthy series. They create characters that I care about and love. And I have to add, they write great romantic scenes - ones that make me "fall in love" or get "hot and bothered." These are good qualities for "romance" books!

2. What makes a paranormal romance stand out for you?
>> A lot of what I wrote for #1... Stories that have depth and are NOT "boy (or creature) meets girl, they fall in love, they have sex, etc." In many of my favorite books - such as the Psy/Changling series and the Dark Hunter Series, I'm just as interested in the "bad guys" and the "other activities" going on around the main couple and HEA. A great book balances the HEA love story with a world that continues to grow and evolve from book to book.

3. Anything else you want to say? Here's your chance!
>> I think that I prefer "paranormal" romance and urban fantasy over "regular" romance for a couple of reasons. 1) I've always been drawn to sci-fi and fantasy. It's my preferred read and watch (TV, movies, etc.) and 2) The "paranormal" aspect of the story helps set the book apart from everyday life. A "regular" romance book is too much in the 'real world" and not enough of an escape.

Tiffany M. said...

1. Nalini Singh, Jeri Smith-Ready, and Sherilyn Kenyon are my favorites. I have only read one book by J.D. Robb and Marjorie M. Liu, but liked them. I like Singh and Smith-Ready b/c the world in which the character driven stories are told is so complex and real. Sherilyn Kenyon can have some of this, but not always and not to the levels of the other two. I have seen the start of greatness in JD Robb and Marjorie M. Liu.
I love Nalini Singh's world, her characters, everything. There is no one thing in her writing except the sole combination of the countless marvels and delights weaved throughout each story. Kenyon's world is awesome, some of her characters are, too. Smith-Ready's writing is lovely, and Requiem for the Devil is on my favorites list for life.

2. A good, even mix of character and world building, seasoned with a hefty amount of believable romance and growth. ^^

3. I am more of a fan of urban fantasy and fantasy in general, because romance happens within the stories anyway as a part of character development. Having read romance, and two rather "eh" highly recommended paranormal series, I was happily surprised to find paranormal romances I could enjoy. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

1) Kresley Cole
2) JRWard
3) Lora Leigh

Bridget Locke said...

Hmm...Excellent questions.

1. You (definitely), Ilona Andrews, Ann Aguirre, Marjorie M. Liu, KMM, Jeanniene Frost, Sherrilyn, Dana Marie Bell, Lauren Dane, Kresley Cole, Lara Adrian, Colleen Gleason

2. For me, it's consistency in world-building, being able to believe in the characters/world, and how much fun the author's having. I know that sounds weird, but if it sounds like the author was just plugging it in, it's hard to really get behind the world they're coming up with.

Bridget Locke said...

And I love JD RObb, but don't think she's UF. Too much romance and not enough paranormal. More like futuristic romance/police procedurals. :)

Unknown said...

1. Who are some of your favorite paranormal authors and why? What makes you love that author/authors so much?

Well You, JR Ward, Larissa Ione, Frank Jacquelyn... Why? you all have a very clear cut writing.. no flowery stuff and bring out emotions well in each character.

2. What makes a paranormal romance stand out for you?
As a girl... its Alpha males in paranormal romance which makes me... sigh :)

3. Anything else you want to say? Here's your chance!
The series should not be dragged just for the sake of writing something... every series shld be ended at a right time.

Anna said...

1. Favorite authors: Nalini, Kresley Cole, JR Ward and Lora Leigh
Reason: I buy into their worlds, the characters with their pain, issues, and needs that makes me root for them to find their happiness, the hero and herione have a spark that makes me buy into their romance. There is culture, supernatural traits, such as bonding, mating heat, angel dust, and laws/protocol that make their complex and rich with imagination. There are also good antogonists, ie, Lash/lessers, Council/Silence, and the Genetic Council. Also, these authors seem to have an understanding of human emotion where the characters are not all good, such as Archangel Rafael
2. What makes a paranormal romance stand out for you? The emotions and world you can lose yourself in.

Unknown said...

Beside from you I like Jeaniene Frost and Melissa Marr.
Why? I have to admit I'm a little bit in love with Bones:-) The stories about him and Cat are always very exciting and I can't wait for the next book. I guess it's important to get to know the character so you can like and feel with them.
Melissa Marr creates are really interesting world, right beside ours. And it's never black and white, I like that. It lets you make the final decision, what is good and what is bad.