Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Links & Spoiler Thread

First up - I'm at Silk & Shadows talking about 10 ways to tell if a book is written by me.

And as promised, the Spoiler Thread for Branded By Fire is now open. Follow the link in the sidebar (under Links for Readers header). -->

If you prefer a forum format, there's a spoiler section at the fan forum.

Happy reading and discussing :)


Anonymous said...

Loved the book and after reading it I'm curious as to how old Hawk is and when/if you plan on writing his book. I can't wait for his book.

Sorry if you already answered this question.

orannia said...

Thank you Nalini!

Tugsduck said...

Loved the book! I hunted and hunted til i found the book ahead of the release date. I then told my boyfriend to go away and have some fun because i was gonna be unavailable for several hours. I spent those hours happily reading this great book. Two awesomely strong characters who were true to their characters. Thank you again Nalini!

Valerie S. said...

I read BbF yesterday and all I have to say is it's AWESOME!!! Mercy and Riley are hot and have this connexion that appeals, infuriates and delights me.

Each time I read one of your book, I think "Ok, this one's my favourite!" and when I read the next I'm seduced again.

Can't wait for the next one about Devraj (I have my idea of who is the mysterious Psy girl...).

Hope the next after that is about Hawke: this character calls to me on a very deep level and I really WANT to know what will happen to him.

So, now I just want to say thanks for this wonderful books!

Nalini Singh said...

Anon, I'm answering this off the top off my head, so I'll have to double check my notes, but from memory - Hawke was 32 in CARESSED BY ICE, and Branded By Fire takes place approx 6-7 months later, so he's not yet 33.

I do plan on writing his book and it's not too far away. :)

Orannia - you're welcome :)

Tugsduck and Valysam - I'm so glad you loved it!

Midnight said...
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Midnight said...

Loved the book ...spoiler below

my favorite part is on page 133-134 when mercy is fighting with her brother and my favorite line out of the whole book ....

"Should've thought of that before you told my ex-girlfriend I eat live kittens for breakfast." -Bas

and then

"When you 'accidentally' opened the cupboard to expose my 'kitten cage' full of the poor, sad kitties I was going to snack on?"

I don't think I laughed so hard on any other part in this book ...

Can't wait for Hawk's book.


Anonymous said...

I really loved the book BBF thanks so much, and it delighted me to revisit Brenna and Judd because that was my favorite book with this new one coming second. Thanks. Please tell us soon that you are working on the next Raphael and Elena book because I can't wait!!! Thanks for such wonderful books, can't wait for the next :)