Friday, January 05, 2007

Links, Links, Links!

My interview with Fallen Angel Reviews is now up.

The Jan udates for my website have been done.

Editor Lucia Macro talks about what she does When At Work.

Author MJ Rose talks about how the "audio book revolution is ripe to take off".

Gena Showalter is giving away a copy of The Nymph King.

Bookslut has up it's Best Covers of 2006. From my quick glance, I see no genre books in there, so let's hold our own poll - what covers did you love this year?

And finally, you gotta hand it to those Aussies. Apparently a library in Oz has introduced:

speed-dating nights for lovers of classic texts.

The state library of Victoria in Melbourne introduced dating with a literary twist after the idea was raised at a staff party.

Those who attend must bring a book they either love or loathe as a conversation starter, ensuring there are no uneasy silences during the series of five-minute dates.

I love it! At least you'll know your date can read ;)


Anonymous said...

LMAO avoid the guy with the well-thumbed picture book! my hubby'd have um the sports page.
Out of curiosity what book would you take? romance/ spicy/ funny/ a highbrow hint at class? I don't know, forget how I'd appear I'd probably pick something I love the nignore everyone all evening as I delve into it's pages shhhh reading here!

~ I really like Elaine Corvidae's Sundered Stone; I'm really looking forward to it too her last book Prince of Ash was good too (cover&story)
~I love the Visions of Heat cover the colour on the black/white background and the print on his skin is a cool effect makes me think of looking through a heat sensor :)
~LKH Mistral's Kiss has a cool cover not sure of the tint to her skin tone though, makes the hair look wig-like

There's been a few I've picked-up for the cover but I can't think of any more just now.
I tend to note the funny ones more ;)

Nalini Singh said...

Clare - too funny!!

Hmm, I'd probably take a romance, just to get things on the table from the start (and see his reaction!) :)

And aren't Vaughn's spots yummy? *g*

wandergurl said...

I've been speed dating twice in Oz and I would go again if this was offered at _my_library! Although most of the guys I met were well rounded, none of them struck me as readers. I would bring a sci-fi/fantasy book just to see if there were any geeks around. And I'm not sure what I'd think of a guy that brought around Ulysses by James Joyce, supposedly the best book of the 20th century...

Anonymous said...

That is funny.. I'd probably be up for that kind of speed dating! At least I'd have funny stories to tell about it.