Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Book Recs

I have the usual suspects in my looking-forward-to-reading-in-2007 pile, but I want some more recommendations. What are you looking forward to? Heard about anything new and exciting through the grapevine? Share!


Angela James said...

Last year at BEA, I got an ARC of this absolutely hysterical book called Pornology by Ayn Carillo-Gailey. I've talked about this book on my blog several times, it's from a small press and she's a first time author. The book releases in April and I hope people will pick it up. I don't know the author and am not familiar with the publisher, but it was the best ARC I got at that conference and there were times I lauged so hard I thought I'd wet my pants. It's my understanding that she's since expanded the book, from that ARC form. Here's the link:

Nalini Singh said...

Angie - I just read the blurb. Wow, it certainly sounds different (and funny)! I think I'll have to pick it up. Thanks for the rec.

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to Morgan Hawke's book "Kiss of the Wolf," which says releases Jan. 30.

Here's the summary from her Web site:

1877 - The Dead are Walking

Someone gave the Turks, a human government, the means of making the dead walk -- a forbidden magic, and it’s been spreading across the Eastern European countryside like wildfire. The Penumbral Court, the hidden world of magic, has been cleansing the plagued towns by the only known means of stopping the dead from walking – fire. But the source, the maker of the hideous spell, is yet undiscovered.

Thorn Ferrell, a courier for the US Secret Service, and a werewolf, is sent to Europe at the dawn of the Turko-Russian war. All she has to do is deliver a package and her term of service is finally over.

Yaroslav, once Prince of Luske during the dark ages, is a vampire. Driven from his home by a plague of the walking dead, Yaroslav is determined to discover who made the dead walk – and why.

High in the Carpathian mountains, werewolf and vampire meet and embrace for a fleeting moment of peace. She flees in the sunlight to continue her mission, but the vampire is determined to keep his newfound lover. During her journey Thorn comes face to face with Max, another werewolf. However, unlike her, this werewolf is insane.

And the Horror has come to town.

Fleeing the other werewolf and the walking dead, Thorn finds her vampire lover in big trouble. It seems that the Penumbral Court thinks that Yaroslav, a powerful mage in his own right, is the culprit behind the plague of walking dead. Thorn is the vampire's only proof that there is another mage, an unknown sorcerer, doing forbidden magic.

In the mean time...
The sorcerer wants his werewolf back.

Anonymous said...

Mia Zachary's Another Side of Midnight and Natasha Mostert's Another Side of Midnight.

Tessa Radley said...

Nalini, funny you should ask!

Your name came up here

Definitely gotta read that book!!


Joan said...

Just finished the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. My next book to read is Nora Robert's Rebellion.

Kris said...

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs (second to her book, Moon Called, I loved that book)

Anonymous said...

Lover Revealed: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward (March 2007)

Visions of Heat (2007) I don't have to post the author name Do I?

To Love a Scoundrel (Zebra Historical Romance)by Kristina Cook ( June 2007)

The Leopard Princeby Elizabeth Hoyt( April 07)

Enticed by Kathleen Dante (March 2007)

Patience (Berkley Sensation)by Lisa Valdez (May 2007)

Anonymous said...

I have to say I have been building my TBR pile from all your great suggestions! I have been out of the reading habit for about 8 years. My job kept me hoping and now 2 kids in 5 years has added to that, but now as they are older and I am staying home - I am reading alot!

Two that I am so looking forward to are:

1. Perfect Stranger - Alison Kent from her SG-5 series. I really like her stuff. (

2. Intimate Danager - Amy J. Fetzer ( Really really action packed and steamy :)

Nalini Singh said...

I'm so glad I asked this question - there's so many books here I hadn't realized were coming up.

Jennifer K - that books sounds good! Zombies are definitely different.

May - I'm going to look those up. Paranormals?

Tessa - yes, you must! *grin*

Joan - I love the Alex Cross series. I haven't read the latest one yet. So looking forward to it.

Kris - I've heard a lot of good things about that book. The cover's certainly very intriguing. I'm putting it on my tbr list.

Barbara :) Some great books on your list. I enjoyed Elizabeth Hoyt's debut book - must remember to get the next one.

Susan - I know, aren't these suggested books great?!

Anonymous said...

The one I'm looking forward to tracking down is the new one by Colleen Gleason, I think its called THE REST FALLS AWAY a historical about a vampire slayer

Anonymous said...

deadly game by christine feehan. I thought conspiracy game with Jack Norton was so great, I have read it several times. Deadly game stars his twin brother Ken. This is part of Feehan Ghostwalker series.

Anonymous said...

Lisa I've got that on pre-order too :) sounds good