Monday, January 22, 2007

Julie Garwood Interview

Have you seen this new interview by Julie Garwood at AAR? It looks like she's going to be writing another historical. Yippee!! While I did follow her into romantic suspense, I adore her as a historical writer. I think all of her historicals are on my keeper shelf.

Like Julie Garwood, a lot of authors change sub-genres during their writing career. Some change direction completely, while others write in several.
I'm a case in point, writing both short categories (hypnotic suggestion: you want to preorder Bound By Marriage *g*) and single title paranormals.

As readers, how far would you follow an author? Would you give their first 'different' book a shot and see how you felt? Or would it depend on the genre? Would you follow them into an arena where you wouldn't usually read?


loonigrrl said...

If I'm a fan of the author, I'll always follow them into another genre and at least give it a try. For example, Brenda Joyce is one of my favorites and when she started writing contemporaries, I read them but I almost gave up on her (almost). Luckily, she's back with historicals. I'm just hoping her latest genre shift into paranormal is successful, but regardless I will be giving it a try.

Anonymous said...

It depends how far out of the genre I first know them in that they go. For instance, I really enjoy Christine Feehan's books and have followed her from Carpathians to Drake Sisters to Ghostwalkers with pleasure. I like them all.

Now, if an author were to go from romance to writing strictly thrillers or mysteries, I'm a little less interested. I'd most likely try the first one or two and see how I felt then.

And, if an author were to go from writing romance or paranormals to, say, political tracts or biographies, etc., I would probably pass.

I like fiction, especially if it includes romance and a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled to hear this. I love Julie Garwood, but couldn't get into her romantic suspense (though I did try to read it).
I'll be looking for this one. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

If I like the author, I'd definitely follow her into a new genre.

Anonymous said...

It depends.

I don't read many historicals, so if an author switches to historicals, I probably won't follow.

Nalini Singh said...

I think I'd probably give the new books a shot - some authors I've ended up following after doing this, some I haven't.

What about authors like JR Ward who write two types of book at the same time? Do you read both?

Anonymous said...

I found J.R. through the Brotherhood and didn't realize for quite some time that she wrote under another name.

Since then, I have read some of her Jessica Bird books and enjoyed them, but my first love is the Brothers. I don't know if it's because they're paranormal and her others aren't, or what, but I luv, luv, luv the Brotherhood.

Plus, I think as J.R. Ward, she gets to continue a series and build on it. That allows you to get to know a little more about the characters, many of whom will eventually have their own books, and the world she's created. That really sucks me in more than reading a standalone book.

So, Nalini, I hope I don't hurt your feelings or anything, but while I know I'll enjoy your other books, I'll be most loyal and most fanatical about possessing your Psy/changeling series. You have so many directions to go and so many stories to tell with that world, and I look forward to them all.

Nalini Singh said...

No problem, Jennifer (I'm fairly tough *g*). I do appreciate the point you made about series. The fact the story continues and grows is a major factor in why I enjoy them. Hmmm, you know that could be a whole another post.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Julie Garwood's strength is her historicals. She usually added a dash of humor in some of them. I found her romantic suspense flat and no humor. I continue to buy and read but without much relish. Her historicals are on my keeper shelf and my daughter & friends love them.

Anonymous said...

Again, it depends.

Sherrilyn Kenyon I've read in both her historical and contemporary/paranormal names.

I very rarely go back to an author's category work--you're an exception here. :) More because they are HTF here than anything else, though I tend to find that they are too short.

Anonymous said...

Well it depends on what genre and the topic they are writing in. For instance, I adore Linda Howard 's romance books and followed her to some extent when she began to change genre and write romantic suspense. But somewhere along the line the writing became more fiction than romance and she lost me. Some authors like Feehan write more than one series, I love her Carpathian, Leopard and Game series but not particularly her sister series... But in general I will give the first "different" book a shot. I certainly did with Garwood when she first switched.


Anonymous said...

Only read one Julie Garwood and wasn't interested enought o get any more. Don't read historical.

I've followed up on Charliane Harris' other series currently liking the Harper series more than Sookie too, her Shakespeare books are good but I've always liked the odd cosy.

Feehan I only read her Game series and Kenyon only the Hunters. Depends a lot on the author. I like the Jessica Bird books.

Dunno why but I have a strange compulsion to go pre-order Bound By Marriage! um when I already have!!
Got Craving Beauty testerday :) Liked it.