Friday, February 24, 2006

Tokyo, Here I Come!

The edits on Gabe & Jess's Story are done! Well, at least this round of them. I want to have another look at the manuscript after letting it sit for a while. In the meantime, I'm going to be working on Visions of Heat, the follow-up to Slave to Sensation.

However all that's going to have to wait until I get back from Tokyo. Yup, that's right - I'm off to the big city tonight so I can attend a Harlequin Japan party for readers tomorrow. Exciting stuff! Hopefully there shall be pictures and if not, I'll give you a full narrative when I get back online either Sunday or Monday.
But wait, let me take a sip of my nifty cocoa/hot chocolate in a can before I carry on. Mmm. ;) That's one of the things I'm definitely going to miss when I leave Japan - vending machines that serve up hot drinks in the winter and cold drinks in the summer. And the choices!! Tea (green, black, lemon, milk), coffee (black, sweet, acid-strong...), soft drinks, juices, flavored milks and not to forget, cocoa!

Getting back on track, here are some blog links: Diana Peterfreund has put up an interesting post on rejections, and over on RTB, Shirley Jump is talking about the line between constructive crticism and meanness, topics which dovetail quite nicely together.

On a completely different note, A.C. Crispin has a very good post up about websites that ask you to post up your work for free and what effect that can have on your later ability to sell the work etc.

And Emma Sinclair (who happens to share a birthday with me) has just finished "The Futuristic That Might Kill" Her, so I think we should all go congratulate her. :)

What's everyone else up to today & what are your plans for the weekend?


katie g. said...

Tough week at work and in life in general. I am laying low and putting in some SERIOUS couch time. Tivo here I come.

Nalini Singh said...

(((katie g))) Enjoy your time with the Tivo! :)

Emma Sinclair said...

They had weird drinks in a can when I was in Hawaii last fall.

Interesting, but I guess that works best when you're on an island.

And thanks for the congrats! You know, whenever I buy your books in a bookstore (as oopposed to online) I always tell the check out person that we have the same birthday!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Nalini, have fun in Tokio! And definitely tell us afterwards!

Anonymous said...

I received Secrets of the Marriage Bed! Thanks Nalini :-) His eyes are even more mesmerizing up close.

To chime in on the title discussion you had a few days ago, an evocative title can catch my eye and I think that some of your titles tend to stand out in Desire as being more sensual--I'm thinking of Craving Beauty, Awaken to Pleasure, etc I think you should go with something in that vein. Then again, I've always had a weak spot for Sicilian tycoons...........


Nalini Singh said...

That's so funny, Emma. We should throw a joint party if we're ever in the same country together! :)

Hi Olga!

Lol Jen - unfortunately there is no Sicilian tycoon in this particular book. Maybe I should write one hmmmm!