Saturday, February 11, 2006

Book Giveaway (Closes Valentine's Day!)

Look, I have my author copies of Secrets In The Marriage Bed!! Yay. And since I figure it's time I ran another contest for blog readers, I'm doing a giveaway. Just leave a comment anywhere on the blog before next Tuesday (Valentine's Day!) and you're in to win one of five copies. Pretty good odds!

If you have trouble with posting a comment, shoot me an email instead at nalini @ (without the spaces) and I'll add you to the list.

Oh and if you've already bought a copy of Secrets, I'll swap it for one of my backlist so long as I have a spare copy of the book you want.


As regular blog readers will know, I have a futuristic paranormal romance coming out with Berkley in November this year, called Slave to Sensation. It's quite a departure from my short contemporary novels for Silhouette Desire, so I'm wondering if my Desire readers will give it a shot.

What are your views on this - would you follow an author you loved if they branched out into a new sub-genre? Does an author's voice matter to you more than the specifics of the type of the book they're writing, or does the type of book (historical / contemporary etc) hold more sway?


Josie said...

This is just me, but I 'd follow my favorite authors to any genre. I'm the type who would pay to watch my favorite actors read the phone book...Sean Bean reading the phone book...I could definitely handle that!

Nalini Singh said...

I wish Sean Bean would come over and read the phone book at my house *G*

meljean brook said...

I'd also follow my favorite authors -- at least for one or two books. There's always the chance that the genre itself won't be to my taste, no matter how much I love the voice; that's only rarely happened to me, though.

I'll typically only leave if there's a HUGE departure in style. Moving from short categories to longer paranormals doesn't fall under that for me. Erotic romance to sweet, cozy mysteries might (but I'm not a big cozy fan, anyway.)

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Meljean - Would it make a big difference to you if while the author was still writing in a genre you liked to read, the tone of their books was different? ie. Considerably darker or lighter in terms of characterizations etc?

Maura Anderson said...

I often follow my authors into other genres at least for the first few books in the genres!

I'm hoping to see your new one on amazon to stuff it into my pre-order basket.

I've read comedy and dark erotica by the same author and liked both. A total switch to a genre I don't care for in general might throw me though.

MicheleKS said...

Nalini, enter me in the contest ( I love to win books.

And secondly, I am sooooo looking forward to your book for Berkley. I love paranormal and I love your books so I know I'll like it.


Anonymous said...

POSTING FOR BOOK! LOL I have all of yours, just not this one yet... Hint hint, cough cough.

Seriously, congrats ofn the new book :)

Nalini Singh said...

You guys are the best. Thanks for the confidence boost. Maura - I love the idea of being preordered! :)

All subtle hints about winning books taken on board *g*

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to check out something in a new genre. I like that trend. The only time I wouldn't follow is if it's something I really don't like, ie anything medical (shudders). Did you get any pressure from your publishers to choose a different name? It seems like in the past, the trend was to have a different persona for different types of writing, but lately it's okay to write totally different types of stories under the same name.

Jen (who is elbowing her way to the front of the line to watch Sean Bean read the phone book. Oh, that voice...)

Josie said...

You said it! That voice is one of a kind! As is the man...

Nalini Singh said...

Hey, hey, no cutting in line!

Jen, no, I wasn't asked to change my name. Personally, I think that trend is changing as authors now try to build up a single name. Maybe if I'd switched genres completely, it might've been an issue.

I saw "The Island" in the weekend and guess who was in it?! Okay, he was evil but really, I'm not going to split hairs. ;)

Anonymous said...

The Island? I'll have to check that out. I used to follow the lovely Sean's career with slavish devotion, but since I started writng romances my own heroes have distracted me. He nearly always plays the bad guy but it doesn't bother me as he gives such good villain :-)


Deborah said...

I've followed authors into other genres...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Some authors write well in multiple genres.
And I'd love to be entered into your contest!

meljean brook said...

"Would it make a big difference to you if while the author was still writing in a genre you liked to read, the tone of their books was different? ie. Considerably darker or lighter in terms of characterizations etc?"

It might, but this would definitely be on an individual basis -- if, for example, MaryJanice Davidson began writing like Laurell K. Hamilton, I might not last too long...but only if I thought she wasn't doing the darker tone very well. If I realized I liked her angsty-voice as well as her funny-voice, I'd definitely stay.