Monday, September 05, 2005

Reader Party Report

So on Sunday I attended the reader party. It was a total blast. The Harlequin Japan team are just fabulous people and so super nice that I felt completely at ease. The readers were wonderful as I’ve found all readers to be – it’s my firm belief that romance readers are just generally nice people.

The party began with introductions and then they did an interview with me on a small stage with the reader guests at tables in front. After the interview, there were questions from readers, including whether I thought Japanese men would make good heroes. My answer? Of course! Lots of strong, silent types here.

And after that, I did my first ever proper booksigning and talked to readers at the same time. Apparently one of the reasons they love my work is because the books are so hot!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take any pictures but I’m hoping to get some from others who were there, so I’ll post those up as I get them. :)

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