Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mystery Guest

That's right, we're going to have a mystery guest blogger on Friday. To draw out the anticipation, I'm going to taunt you with clues as to her identity. Let's see if any of you can guess correctly.

Clue 1: She lives with four men. Yes, FOUR.

Clue 2: She's Desirable.

Clue 3: And this is what she used to look like not so long ago.

But who is she????


Nalini Singh said...

P.S. Weird Fact Wednesday will return next week.

Anonymous said...

Roxanne St. Clair?

Been about your blog a few times (dunno if my IP gives me away) ;-)

Oh, and please tell me you didn't reeealllly like that wall paper! Ugh! You should see some of the other rooms!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask earlier, has Lisa been okay lately? I hadn't seen her at eharlequin in a while, and noticed it's been a while since she had a book out with them. I hope she's well and writing still. Do you have any info you can share?

Anonymous said...

Love the pic! Can't wait to see who it is.

Nalini Singh said...

Danni, hey! I was just pulling your leg about that wallpaper - how goeth the renovations? (psst everyone - go look at Danni's blog to see the beauteous ;) wallpaper in question).

Lisa is writing up a storm - probably why she's gone AWOL. I'll email her and find out the latest. :)

And I didn't know Rocki lived with 4 men, too. I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out!

Danica - all will be revealed later today...

Anonymous said...

I had no idea if Rocki had that many males around, but geez i'd be jealous too! Unless 3 of em were kids, in which case I'd be willing to contribute major sympathy to the cause!

Nalini Singh said...

Wonder if Rocki's ears are burning today?