Monday, September 26, 2005

Culture Shot & Spam

I went to a lantern matsuri (festival) over the weekend. The point of telling you this was to post up a couple of pics of the huge lanterns that were pulled or carried through the parade. Unfortunately Blogger has decided not to let me post pictures today so I'll try again later.

In other news, I got spam today from people named Frankel and Herzberg (both of whom don't want me to 'expose my intimate life!'), Hoch (selling the best pharmaceuticals), the aptly named Doctor (also selling pharmaceuticals) and the very upper-class sounding Faber (who only wants to sell me software). However so far, I think Geffen is leading by a long shot in the improbable sounding name stakes (apologies to any Geffens out there). Anybody care to put up another candidate?

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