Friday, July 22, 2005

The Promised Bollywood Post

When I started this blog, I warned you that I would be posting about Bollywood. You might ask, why watch Bollywood at all? Because their stories are drawn on a huge canvas, are wildly romantic, not the least bit politically correct and full of drama and emotion, everything we love as romance readers and writers. There is also an innocence in Bollywood films that’s sometimes missing from Hollywood—in Bollywood, the bad guys always get their comeuppance and true love triumphs. What more recommendation do you need?

I thought I'd begin by introducing Arjun Rampal, who fits neatly into the tall, dark and gorgeous category. He recently played the most delectable husband any woman could have in Tehzeeb (the name of the heroine).

Have I whetted your appetite yet?


Anonymous said...

Nalini, I'm afraid my only "Bollywood" experience was Bride and Prejudice (which I loved!) I can see I will have to check out some more.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but after the got VERY interesting!

Is this a series?

Nalini Singh said...

Bron, I haven't seen that movie yet but it's definitely on my must-see list since I loved that director's last movie (Bend it like Beckham).

Kendra, I was going to do a series of sorts on dif actors but now I think I'll just do one on Arjun ;)

Emma Sinclair said...

I don't know waht channel it was, but when I lived in Seattle there was a channel that pretty much only played Bollywood musicals.

Anonymous said...

Nalini - this is Rowena from NZ speaking/writing - I once had an Indian boarder and he would bring home Indian Bollywood movies and although they were all in Indian they were amazing - lots of singing, dancing and extremely attractive heroes and heroines - and they never actually kissed. They were great.
(haven't signed up hence the anonymous tag)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rowena! Thanks for dropping by. Guess what - they're sometimes kissing these days (shocking!) ;)

FYI - I think you can get around being Anonymous if you pick the "Other" button. :) I'm going to experiment with that right now.