Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blog Guilt & Revisions

I am suffering from a severe case of blog guilt. Since my blog is fairly new, this is the first time I’ve been hit with it. Three days and no entry—will I be thrown out of the blogsphere? In my defense, we just had a three day weekend and I was actually working very hard through most of it on revisions to Secrets in the Marriage Bed.

I have a question for those of you who are writers—do you like doing revisions? Me, I don’t mind, so long as I agree with the revisions. I find it interesting thinking of how to change just a fraction of the story without altering the whole, or if the whole has to be altered, thinking of how to do it without losing the soul of the story. It engages a totally different section of my brain than the one that spills out the first draft, during which process I’m usually not thinking so much as simply doing.


Kim said...

Surely you won't be kicked out of the blogosphere! ;)

Enjoy your weekend. Glad you're back.

Emma Sinclair said...

My first set of revisions were kind of a hurdle. I didn't really see what was on the page anymore, I saw what was in my mind, so some of the revision changed made absolutely no sense to me.

Once I flicked on a different part of my brain though, they were pretty fun - especially when I got to cross stuff off the list!

Nalini Singh said...

I love crossing stuff off the list! :)