Monday, August 09, 2010

New Zealand: "Burning Up" ebook - Whitcoulls

A heads-up for NZ readers. The ebook for Burning Up is now available at the Whitcoulls ebook store!

Update on the Kindle edition: Here's the link! (Not sure if it's active yet, but if not, it should be very soon. Apologies for the delay everyone - there was a technical issue with the files so they had to be resent).


Kerry said...

Yay! A book I actually want to buy available here in NZ. That is so cool. Way to go, Nalini.

emmad said...

lol I love that whitcoulls have it but amazon say not available for the kindle in asia pasific region.

Erika said...

I clicked the link but it says it's not available for those in the U.S.! I hope that changes really soon.

Jessica said...

Can't wait for this but the kindle edition isn't available for the US yet! :(

Nalini Singh said...

I think the Kindle edition should be available really soon since it's showing on the site. I'll check again tomorrow and let you all know!

ShellBell said...

For those purchasing the eBook from Whitcoulls it appears that you can only read the ebook through the Whitcoulls app. I prefer to download the ePub file and save it on my laptop and also be able to read it on my iPhone/iPad using TXTR, but there is no ePub file available from Whitcoulls. I personally don't use the Whitcoulls app because of it's limitations, so I am requesting a refund as they have it listed as having the ePub version available when it isn't.

orannia said...

That's fantastic!

ShellBell - hope Whitcoulls update their site to reflect the correct format.

Kerry said...

ShellBell and any other kiwis -

Been there, done that. Like you, I won't buy a book unless I can download an actual copy of the book to my laptop.

Whitcoulls won't let you do that with with a book sample or a free book - which almost stopped me every trying to buy from them.

But if you can put up with reading a sample in their reader or know you want the book anyway, then you can get what you want.

[The following instructions are based on a PC running Windows7 and IE, but hopefully will be useful for anyone.]

Once you have actually bought and paid for the book, go to your eLibrary. Over on the right, under the big red button that says "Open eBook", there is a text link that says "Download file".

Click on that and when the box comes up pick "Open" (NOT "Save"). You have to have Adobe Digital Editions installed and registered (but you need that for any DRM'd ePub file). The book will now download and open in ADE.

Go to your "My Documents" folder and find the directory called "My Digital Editions". Your file is located in there and you can now move it to anywhere you want.

If you don't use Windows, I assume there is an equivalent location somewhere that you ADE files get saved to. You'll have to find that to get to the file.

Personally, I leave a copy in "My Digital Editions" for if I want to read the book on my laptop and also save it in my personal library directory that holds all my ebooks whatever the format.

I hope this is helpful.

ShellBell said...

Yipee, Whitcoulls sorted the problem out and I now have my ebook of Burning Up!