Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guest Author: Robin D. Owens

I'm delighted to host the lovely and talented Robin D. Owens on the blog today! Please give Robin a warm welcome everyone!

Celta – And Telepathic Animal Companions

Hi, I’m Robin D. Owens and I write futuristic/fantasy romance for Berkley
and women’s fantasy with romantic subplot for Luna.

I’m best known for the "Heart" series set on a planet colonized by Earth people with psi powers. After 400 years, those psi powers are more like magic – in any event, the Celtans call it Flair. Animals, too, have evolved, enough that they are telepathic to their companions. I
use the Fam companions mostly as comic relief, but also as mentors and friends.

Why "Celta"? Well, the name is Owens. My ancestors came from Wales. Celtic
music was big when I started writing HeartMate, and no one had done something like Celta.

As for why I set the stories on another planet, there are a couple of reasons. My second and third manuscripts (let’s forget about book 1), were romantic suspenses set in the Regency time period of England. They didn’t sell. I was discouraged and just began fooling around for myself and my critique buddies.

I had a macho hero throw divination dice. And I had him BELIEVING the prophecy..."Today you will meet your HeartMate." Now this is not something that I felt would occur in the here and now...and as I wrote, T’Ash and Zanth, his FamCat (Familiar Cat, though of course Zanth believes T’Ash is HIS FamMan
), and Celta evolved...

Why HeartMates? HeartMates are fated mates, soul mate stories. When you bond with your HeartMate (the actual bond comes during sex and is a choice), you become so close that should one person die, the other will follow in a year. I’m not sure why I did this. Again, just messing around. I certainly wasn’t thinking that I’d have a whole series! So HeartMate rules evolved, too. Like the magic Flair, the Fams...the intelligent houses....

Since it IS a fated mate series, I’ve tried very hard to make it fresh every book, with new twists as to why the hero and heroine have problems and may not actually end up together. Usually one of the pair knows who their partner/HeartMate is and either woos or avoids her/him. It is illegal to tell your HeartMate that they are yours because it can take away freedom of choice for them.

Why Fams? One day I was talking to my cat Maddox as he lurked in the Main Strategic Point of the house – the hallway between stairs, office, bedroom and bathroom. "Maddox, please don’t pounce on Muse when she walks by...." As if 1) he could understand me 2) he would listen to me and 3) he would do what I wanted anyway. Maddox was the template for Zanth, and I’m sure Zanth sold the book.
I’ve since written bunnies (housefluffs), cats, a puppy, cats, a Noble Hound, cats, foxes, cats, the occasional mole, and...cats.

You can find excerpts of all my work (Zanth appears on page 2 of HeartMate as he strolls in complaining of the chef) on my READS page on my website . I have some cut scenes, etc. My WORLDS page has interviews with my characters – T’Ash before and after he had the tatt that the art dept put on the front cover of the reissue – maps, pics that inspired me.

Many thanks for letting me burble about Celta at you. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again,



flowerlady said...

I love this series and can't wait for the next one!
I stumbled on the celta books by aciident, can't remeber why but once I started I felt the need to read the rest as soon as I got my hands on them(addiction alert)

I started with the celta books and because there was a lull in between the books been released i found out about the summoning books and got hooked on them!

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I love the Celta books too and am delighted to see this interview with Robin. Thank you, Nalini!

Christina said...

Hi Robin!
I've read the first book in the Celta series, long ago. It actually led me to your Summoning series, which I love! They are all keepers on my shelf, although I have to say I am still upset the twins were separated.

Dani said...

I am a huge fan. A couple of months ago I heard about your Heart Mate books and I am so glad I did! I have read of of them now and I eagerly await the next one! :)

Thank you, Nalini for having her on your blog today!

Kathy in Aiken, SC said...

I also read the first book years ago and recently purchased about 6 more for my Kindle! I was delighted to reconnect with your work. Thanks Nalini for hosting Robin and your recommendations of other authors.

orannia said...

HI Robin *waves*

I haven't read the Celta series, but I do like the sound of fated mates having a choice. Out of interest, if one mate chooses 'no' does anything happen?

Stephanie McCarthy said...

I haven't read the Celta books but I absolutely loved the Heart series. I can't wait for your new books.

FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Thanks, all. This is incredibly lovely to read after a 12 hour day of doing galleys for the new Luna book (Enchanted No More, January 2010). Perking me right up!

Orannia: Several say "no" (including Raz in Heart Journey) and the heroines/heroes being the noble folks that they are ;) walk away, devastated. But on Celta people live a long, long time, close to 2 centuries and destiny has a way of catching up. These ARE romances, the book is focused on the relationship between hero and heroine.

Now I'm going to quit for the night (8:40 pm here) but will check in first thing in the am -- usually up before dawn!

Thanks so much for Nalini for this opportunity, and for being patient when a personal (good) matter overwhelmed me. ;)


Christina, re: the twins in Keepers of the Flame (spoiler!) I didn't think it was right that EVERYONE should stay in Lladrana.

Anonymous said...

Helen G. says...

Hi Robin!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for chatting and for telling us a little bit more of how the Heartmate series started. I know that my sis and I have enjoyed them readily. Her more than me as I have only read your first and I know she would have loved writing you but she worked late and goes in early so I wanted to give a shout out in her name!!

So My sister Patsy says: THANK YOU!!!

and I say thank you as well!

Helen G.

Blodeuedd said...

I saw thsi series for the first time a little while back, and now I got to hear more and I like the sound of it..and those cats lol

azteclady said...

*waving frantically*

Hello, Ms Owens!

I read HeartMate a while back and liked it very much (review here), and recently got my hands on Heart Dance
, and liked it as well--so of course I hunted high and low and have now Heart Thief, Heart Duel, Heart Choice and Heart Quest waiting for me at the top of the ever-growing and intimidating TBR Mountain Range.

The best part is knowing that after I'm done with these four, there are three more novels out there, waiting for me! *happy dance*

Thank you for creating such a great world, Ms Owens!

FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

HI PATSY! HI HELEN! HI AZTECLADY! Good to see you! I'm so pleased that you like my work.

Currently I'm working on Heart Search in the series and, at a reader's suggestion, have two young cats conspiring to get and keep my hero and heroine together.


kylie said...

Welcome! There's something so exciting about discovering a new series that you didn't know existed. I'm going to swing by your site and read more about the Celta books. Thanks!

Diane said...

I've never read your series so I'll hop on over to your website and check out your books.

Tammy S said...

Blessed be Ms. Owens!

I've read these from the start and I anxiously await the next one - Heart Search?

As the proud human servant of what is now just 3 cats, Zanth reminds me of my oldest cat (he passed away 2 yewars ago at 18), I swear he talked to me at times.

FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Thanks again for the lovely welcome!


Nalini Singh said...

Robin, thank you so much for visiting the blog. It was wonderful having you over! :-)

FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Thanks, Nalini, I had a great time!

Rory G said...

I just heard about this series a few weeks ago but it hard to find in stores where I live. Installment one will be going on my next book order and I can't wait.