Thursday, August 19, 2010


One of my (awesome) friends posted this on her Facebook page, and I had to grab it and repost. How adorable are these two?!

I've actually seen them nuzzling at each other - they really are best buds!

Also, if you are on FB, and haven't seen my new author page, here's the link.

So, any cute pet stories to share?


Cherry said...

Cute pet story...Not sure if it's cute, but my cat likes to sleep inside the cage with the dog. Once he's inside, the cage is his territory. It takes forever to get him out. But the dog doesn't mind.
I'll be on the lookout for it again so I can take a picture.

Madhura said...

Aaw, they are so cute.

Although I love having pets, I don't have any at the moment. But one of my fav. pet stories was when my cat used to bring me gifts every now and then. Only his gifts would be his "hunt". Yeah, thats the one part of owning a cat that I don't miss. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, so cute.

That cat is just like mine, except he was silver, and so beautiful. He was attacked by a fox last month, and I miss him like crazy, but he used to give the best hugs. And if he'd been out in the rain he'd come and find me, demanding to be dried.

My other cat yells at me when she thinks it's time to go to bed.

My old labrador used to wait for me to come downstairs in the morning, marching back and forth, with his food bowl in his mouth, singing. He wasn't hungry, he just wanted to give me a present. He did it with buckets and watering cans too. He also used to carry the cat around in his mouth when he was a puppy. Don't think she liked it much XD

Mina Wolf said...

Unfortunately our Dog and Cat aren't best friends yet. I do find it amusing that 145 pound dog is absolutely petrified of our 13 pound cat :)

Princess Bumblebee said...

Awwww, those are the cutest! I don't know about mine. Just this morning, my cat was playing with my floss. As I was using it! hehe

Sherri L. said...

They are too cute. If I didn't have some of my own already I would want one. Pets are great to have in your life.

orannia said...

So cute!

My cat is currently stalking me to show him the food bowl, which is in exactly the same position as it has been for the last 10 years... I do love him, but sometimes he drives me crazy!