Thursday, December 04, 2008

Reader Interviews: Heather on Three Fates by Nora Roberts

It's time for this week's reader interview - focusing on books readers of my blog, livejournal and myspace page consider absolute keepers. If you'd like to participate, you can find all the details here.

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Today's interviewee is Heather!

Heather on Three Fates by Nora Roberts

a) What's the book about?

This a story about 3 siblings and a mystery surrounding the lost three fates st
atues, throw in a greedy woman bent on taking them at any cost.

b) What do you love most about this story?

The interaction between all the characters but most especially the interaction between the siblings

c) How many times have you read this book?

So many times that it has fallen apart.

d) Who would you recommend it to?



Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this book and re-read it often. It is by turns interesting, scary and highly amusing in parts - between the love interests and the siblings.

Willa said...

Oops - that post above was me - didn't take my name! *grin*

Heather's Books said...

Thanks Nalini, I of course had to post a link to this on my blog.

Mariana said...

I love this book too. I'll have to unearth and re-read once more.

I especially enjoyed not having to wait for three separate books on the siblings :)