Friday, December 05, 2008

Weekly Catchup

Actually, that should probably be monthly catchup. What's everyone been up to? Plans for Dec?

I'm working hard on a couple of things - hopefully should be able to tell you more about it in the next few weeks.

Also, a link: The Book Smugglers are doing a Countdown to Smugglivus all this month, with guest authors talking about favorite books of 2008, their upcoming books and more. Today they've got an excerpt from Loretta Chase.

Now, tell me all your news!


azteclady said...

Well, lemme see.

I did finish one of the bookcases for my room, now I just need to finish the second (smaller, simpler) one.

My mother lands on my doorstep on the 13th, so I need to finish a couple of painting projects too.

Oh dear... :wink:

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I'm doing a gallery walk for my exhibit tonight. Probably about 20 people will be there.

This weekend I hope to go to an arts & crafts fair to do my holiday shopping. Very cautiously because it's dangerous, but it's a lot of fun and has wonderful gifts.

I'm also going to a cookie swap on Sunday so I need to bake 4 dozen cookies....

I also need to consider what holiday events I can afford to go to....

Willa said...

Low point of the week - my electric blanket gave up the ghost on one of the coldest nights of the year - sub zero! Brrrr!

Highpoint? Bought a new blankie - toasty!

Novel moment of the week - got my hands on An Enchanted Season and read Nate & Tammy's backstory. Fab! Was great to see the pack and Lucas as was. And Amazon UK has finally told me they have shipped The Magical Christmas Cat - YaY!

Anonymous said...

... Yesterday I was at a symposium about addicted nonworkers and was participated at a workshop for network processes between the drug advisory service and the job center.
Today I planned my next two schooling weeks for january.
Secondary I began to work on my termination work for certifi-cation as a case manager.


Courtney said...

Just hanging out with my daughter today. She got up really early today, so we're both staring at the ceiling like zombies for lack of sleep.

I'm working on my holiday knitting and crocheting, too. The fast projects are for the babies/toddlers: little stuffed animals and blocks that will take no time at all. It's knitting for the grown-ups that takes a while.

Also, I have a great baby bump. I finally got out of the "looking fat" stage. Now I actually look pregnant. :)