Monday, April 16, 2007

Cricket [Edited]

Going off in a slight tangent today - go New Zealand! We're into the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup! Yep, I like watching cricket, especially when the Black Caps are playing so well.

I remember moving to Japan and having these conversations with people where I would attempt to explain the appeal of cricket to no avail. But it was okay, because at the time, I didn't get baseball at all. Then I started watching the game - my city's team was heading to the finals that year and it was the only thing on tv I could understand. The next thing I know, I'm a basefall fan!

But now it's back to NZ and to cricket. I don't think I've ever seen a baseball game on free-to-air tv. It's interesting how different areas of the world focus on different games. So, do you guys like sport? Or would you rather watch grass grow? *grin*

[Edited to add: Party heads up - Tessa Radley is having a blog party to celebrate the release of her first book. I'll be appearing Wed, but the posts have already begun. Enjoy!]


LesleyW said...

Grass grow, I'm afraid. Well actually I'd rather read a book.

I like watching the Olympics, but stuff like cricket, rugby, football. I have been known to watch Wimbledon though, and get really involved. I think it's probably different if you're at the event (for me anyway).

kathy said...

I like watching sports. I went through phases of watching American football, baseball, basketball, and tennis. Right now, I like watching golf when Tiger is playing.

Kat O+ said...

Rugby league is my preferred spectator sport. Watching cricket used to feel like watching grass grow until hubby explained the rules and tactics to me. Now I watch maybe the last half day of a test (or the last half hour of a one-day match) if the game is close.

Oh, and you know we're gonna win the World Cup, right? :-D

Marg said...

I am happy to watch most sports - soccer, Aussie rules, cricket. Don't understand the American sports though!!

As for the World Cup, I haven't actually managed to see any of it yet! But I think Kat is right! C'mon Aussies!

Nalini Singh said...

Lesley - I also agree it's the atmophere around you. Like right now, in my house - cricket fever LOL :)

Kathy - golf is one sport I just don't get in terms of spectating (is that word?). But I like those tense moments on the 18th hole when it's a playoff. Talk about building tension.

Kat / Marg - ah, Aussies with delusions, so cute *grin* Wouldn't it be awesome if NZ & Aus played each other in the finals though?!

ShellBell said...

Definitely a cricket fan here. I just hope the Black Caps avoid playing Australia in the semi's - gives us a better chance of getting through to the finals. Love Rugby League also, my mother and I have season tickets to the NZ Warriors - love it when they knock top-of-the-table teams from the top position!

clare said...

ipods where invented for sporting seasons!
Seriously he puts the footie (soccer) on the telly and I up the ipod volume to drown out the shouts.

Sister's just (last w/e) emigrated to NZ though Go NZ! ;)

Anonymous said...

grass grows while I would rather read but do admit to read and watch the baseball games for the Colorado Rockies