Friday, February 02, 2007

What's New

Today was going to be about links but I just found out that Slave to Sensation has been nominated in the Best Paranormal Romance section of the P.E.A.R.L. Awards. Yippee!! A huge thank you to everyone who put StS forward!

Now the links...

Dear Author has opened up nominations for its book club (Meljean Brook's Demon Angel was the Jan pick). I'm still pondering what selection to nominate. Lots of intriguing books coming out over the next few months.
The Astrologyzone February horoscopes are up. Great site - check it out if you haven't already.
Have you watched Romance Novel TV yet? Have a look-see. They have interviews with Nora Roberts among others. (Link via Dear Author via Sybil)
Karen has the most wonderful excerpt from a JD Robb book on her blog. Go forth and read and sigh at the beauty of it.
And over on Buzz, Balls & Hype, they're talking about advertising and how it can be applied to books and publishing.

Which leads me to the question - what's the best advertising/promo effort you've seen for a book lately?


Susan said...

I am not sure who put StS forward but it is well deserving. I had never read paranormal before and I have to say not only did I like it - I was WOWed by it.

It is a most excellent book!

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks, Susan! :)

LesleyW said...

I don't think I've ever looked for advertising or promos as such when deciding what books to buy.

LOL - sometimes I'm not sure where the decision to buy a book comes from. Mostly I make decisions based on my Amazon recommends list and then web research if it's an author I've not heard of before.

I sometimes buy based on recommendations from friends, though I'm cautious about this because I hate the - what did you think question. Not in a bad way, if I've liked the book it's fine. It's just I know how personal a book recommendation can be.

When I make recommendations it tends to be because I just can't keep it in. The book is that good that I just have to share and my enthusiasm overcomes the worry that someone won't enjoy the book.

More recently I've started lurking on some of the book review blogs. And a couple of books have caught my interest that way, but I haven't got round to reading them yet.

So no advertising or promo for me - am I missing out?

Nalini Singh said...

Lesleyw, I find it so interesting to see how other people find books of interest. When I was in Japan, I did a lot of Amazon hopping so those suggestions worked for me, too.

Right now I'm considering promotional efforts for my next book, so this is research for me! :)

Robin L. Rotham said...

Congratulations, Nalini!!! I'm not surprised at all. :D

I can't think of any advertising or promo that's made me buy a book. Unless an author has an established track record with me, I usually buy based on blurbs, excerpts, and sometimes reviews.

Christina Phillips said...

huge congrats on the nomination, Nalini!