Friday, February 16, 2007

Free stories & Ramblings

Here's a link I saw yesterday - a lot of Romance Divas have banded together to provide free short stories for your entertainment. Follow the link to read.

I'm working today to polish up stuff, so no tv watching for me - and after yesterday's blog, I have so many new shows I'm curious about! I do have a couple of ARCs to read, so I'm hoping to get to them sometime soonish. You know, not-watching-tv was much easier in Japan...when I didn't understand what was on tv!

Here endeth the random ramblings for today. Happy Friday!


Barbara V said...

Hmm, free reads thanks for the tip.

casee said...

What ARC's do you have to read? I love getting recommendations from you. I loved Jaci Burton's book. Soooo good! And I have to pick up one other one that I need to go look up. *g*

Nalini Singh said...

Barbara - enjoy!

Casee - I'm not telling muwahaha! Okay, being serious for a moment, I only feature books I like on this blog so I want to read them first to make sure I'm giving good recommendations! (The single exceptions are the OOTB tour books - which are more to let everyone know what books are coming up - even I sometimes find a good read that way.) But I should have a rec for you next week - am hoping to finish an ARC this weekend :)