Saturday, February 10, 2007

Answers to Questions

With Psy/Changeling or Human/Changeling couples, are the offspring always changeling? Or are there exceptions?

Since exceptions to the rule have a way of springing up without warning, I won't say "all" but in the vast, vast majority of
cases, a child with a changeling parent will have the ability to shift. This doesn't mean they are fully changeling - their blood is mixed, which leads to all sorts of interesting things.

What would a Psy/Human couple have little humans or little psy?

Since the Psy, Changelings and Humans are capable of mating and producing children, it's
genetically impossible for a child to be either/or. He or she will be both, though some genes may be dominant, others recessive.

Will the wildcat that worked for Lucas in StS (I can't remember her name right now) have her own

At this stage, I have no intention of writing a story about Zara. But that could change very easily.
Heck, when I first thought of Judd, I thought he'd be a minor secondary character. Hah! He put me straight on that!

Is the series open ended or do you have a certain number of books planned?

I don't have the number of books planned but I do have the story arc planned. I know where this
series is going, what final "end" I'm heading toward.

How long will we have to wait for Hawke's and Dorian's books?

It's looking like book 5 will be Dorian's book. He's talking to me, telling me he's ready. I think
he's already introduced me to his heroine, though damn if I know how those two will get together.

As for Hawke, you'll have to wait a bit longer for this wolf to get his story. There is a very logical
reason why, so I'm not just being a tease. I ache to write his story - I have actually written parts of it because I couldn't wait! But to tide you over - you get to learn something very important about Hawke's past in Caressed By Ice.

Where all have you lived/visited? Which did you like the best? Why? If someone were to visit
your favorite place, what should he/she not miss?

I've lived in Fiji, New Zealand and Japan for long enough periods of time that all three places are
home - I feel as if I could go back to any of the three and slide right back into life there. I've visited the USA (crossing from San Francisco to New York), China (including Inner Mongolia), Malaysia, Australia, South Korea and Tahiti (um, I think that's all...). Incidentally, if you haven't checked it out, the Travel Diary part of my website has a lot of pics from some of the trips.

My favorite - wow, that's tough. I love different things about all those places. And they're all so
different that I find it impossible to compare. My tip for a visitor to any of those countries would be to find a local to show them around. You never see a country as well as you do when you're with one of the people. For example when I lived in Japan, it was in a small town, and I was invited into people's homes and lives, taken to their celebrations and festivals, things I might have missed otherwise.

There you go! Thanks for the great questions, Sweet, Casee and Jennifer K. If anyone has any
more, hit me with them.


Barbara V said...

I love all those questions very interesting stuff. Thanks for answering them Nalini

Sweet said...

Thanks soo much for answering all my questions Nalini :) !!!!! It helps with the wait till 3/6 !!!!!

Sweet said...

Ohhhh just a quick ? How is Clay's book coming along?? I love a dark brooding hero and it really rocks that his heroine is a human !!! I really can't wait to see what role humans play in the psy/changeling world.

Nalini Singh said...

Not a problem, Barbara and Sweet :)

Clay's book is complete in first draft. Yeehah! It has some gaps and the language is rough but the basic story is down and I'm loving it.

Mr. Dark and Brooding wasn't exactly cooperative at the start but I got to see the real Clay by the end (all kudos to his heroine) and fell a little bit in love with him, too, - which I think is the mark of a great hero. Hopefully you'll all agree! :)

(Btw, I answered some questions on the thread below this one, too.)

LesleyW said...

LOL - I'm one of these people that as soon as they are asked to think of a question their mind just goes blank. :)Give me a couple of weeks and I'll come up with something.

So glad that other people who read your blog don't suffer with the same problem. :)

Oh I did have a question about Slave to Sensation, but don't know if it's just really obscure.

I think when Sascha followed Henry into the Psynet archives he was tagging files. Afterward he and Shoshanna were discussing it and something was mentioned about keeping an eye on the youngest boy of a family. Have we or will we be meeting the boy?

CLare said...

Nalini - Thanks for answering the questions for us.

LOL Lesley, you never miss a trick ;)

I thought of some other questions but then decided they'd mean spoilerz so wouldn't be answered and I really wouldn't want to know yet :)

Nalini Singh said...

Lesley - let's just say the tagging issue will be revisited. :)

Clare - it's sooooo hard not to give away spoiler info. I keep having to pause and think before I answer a question.

Jennifer K. said...

I've got no problems hearing all about spoilers, Nalini. Lay 'em on me. Lots and lots of spoilers.

Nalini Singh said...

What would be the fun in that? *grin*