Saturday, February 24, 2007

Diary of a Worm - Doreen Cronin/Harry Bliss

Have I got a book recommendation for you today! This one's for the kid inside you. Diary of a Worm rocks. It'll take you maybe five minutes to read (it's a picture book!) but you'll be chuckling over it for days and the pictures are really cool.

It begins something like this: My Mom tells me three things are true...

#3 Never disturb Dad while he's eating the newspaper.

Classic! So I read this, then I had to read the sequel - Diary of A Spider, about Worm's friend, Spider. And guess who Spider's best friend is? A fly! (They're not allowed to play at Spider's house anymore ever since Fly got caught in a web *g*).

Picture books - they're for grown-ups too! Have a nice weekend everyone :)


Susan said...

OH, they do rock. My daughter loves those. We have read them over and over and over.

I give them alot as gifts. Doreen also wrote the Duck books - which are funny as well.

catslady said...

I so miss having young children. Besides all the books I bought them, we used to go to the book mobile every week and take out 30 books.

Nalini Singh said...

Susan - Duck books? I must check them out!

Catslady - don't let the lack of young children around stop you. These books are just so fun to read. :)

Susan said...

They really are great.