Thursday, May 11, 2006


I have the same name as a journalist/tv personality born in India (or she has the same name as me *g*).

I actually didn't know this until I started getting emails meant for her. The last one came a couple of weeks ago. I always reply and let the sender know they've got the wrong Nalini Singh, but one thing puzzles me - if they have my email address, they must've either got it off this blog or my website, both of which make it pretty clear that I'm a romance novelist. Even if they got it elsewhere, most of those places would, I assume, be connected to the romance writing world. So why do they still email me? Perhaps they think the journalist is leading a secret life?

I also share my name with an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the US and a teen karate champ from New Zealand.

So in the Goolgeverse, I'm a well known tv personality and romance novelist who works as a doctor in her spare time and does karate to unwind.No wonder I'm so exhausted!

Who are you in the Googleverse?


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Oh that sounds like a fun thing to do! I'll have to go do it, but with a name like mine, there's bound to be lots of folks (which is why I use the middle name). I already know, and have gotten a comment on the blog for this person, that there's a Lynn Harris who is an actress, writes comedy, has a couple of novels out, and writes a column on MSN (the poster to my blog didn't like the advice I gave someone on the column. LOL!). And of course there's E. Lynn Harris, gay black novelist with NYT books.

Milady Insanity said...

Susan McBride just did a post like that.

She said she wanted to have a convention of Susan McBrides, and nobody would have to introduce each other.


Nalini Singh said...

Lol Lynn - what did you say to that poster?

Milady, I didn't know that! But what a wicked idea. Talk about surreal.

Emma Sinclair said...

I'm a 13 year old from Essex, (UK I suppose) who does math or something.

I'm also a Socioligist in the middle east.

katie g. said...

I am an award winning track star, an English teacher, and just plain me.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I told him he had the wrong Lynn Harris, but thanked him for his advice. LOL! He never replied.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hmm, lessee, I am a doctor of psychology, a wrongful death and personal injury lawyer, an actress (a different LH than the one who writes the column, it seems), and of course the co-creator of Breakup Girl (and I write that column on MSN). Oooh, apparently I also did a successful off-Broadway show. And stand-up comedy. There are also, apparently, nude pics of me online too. Gee!

So, I pretty much have to use Lynn Raye Harris or a pseudonymn. :)

Nalini Singh said...

Emma - I'm sorry, we don't allow underage people on this blog ;)

Katie - I've never known a track star before!

Lynn - I think you totally trump us all with the nude pics!!

This is fun. We should do this once every year and see what new identities surface.