Wednesday, May 03, 2006

7 Things I'll Miss

Some things I'll miss when I return to Japan (aside from hanging out with my friends and family).

1. Watching tv in a language I fully understand.
2. Watching tv commercials where I don't want to clobber the cutesy-talking-over-thirty-woman-who-shrieks-a-lot. (Sorry, sore point. She comes on during the news I watch in Japan Every, Single, Day. It's gotten to the point where I mute her and make faces at the tv. Yes, very mature. *g*)
3. Eating (homemade) food off proper plates (as opposed to takeout boxes).
4. The Indian sweet shop (not good for my hips but great for my soul).
5. English-language magazines that don't cost an arm, a leg and an internal organ.
6. Having a car (okay, the bicycle keeps me from turning into a round little ball but riding in snow, sleet and searing heat is not fun).
7. My collection of keeper books, which I just like to have around me so I can read them anytime I please. Hmm, am I too attached?

What little things would you miss if you had to pack up and move to the other side of the world?


Gabrielle said...

Ha! I miss my keeper books and dvds and my prints, all currently stored in my mother's garage. I miss Cadbury Peppermint chocolate, people who double over laughing in the streets, NON-cobblestoned streets (quaintness only goes so far when you're trying to get around), my great big sofa and great big bed, I miss storage space and ER in English (dubbing George and Goran is a sin) and my hairdresser. I miss real sour cream. I don't miss magazines because I subscribe to the ones I want. And at least Amazon France doesn't pay for shipping, and I can order just about any English-language book I like from there. But I do miss being able to walk into a Borders and be surrounded by books and music. Sigh.

Milady Insanity said...

My book collection.

Mama's cooking.

The really great library system.

Having an oven, and a fridge dedicated to my sweets--a minifridge, but still.

I imagine I'll find out what else I'll miss in a few years.

JLB said...

So long as I could take my partner and pups along, there's not too much I'd miss! I love new places, and being thrown out of my element. When I made my recent big move, I thought I'd really miss all my houseplants that I had to give away (150-200)... but in the end I felt good to give them to new homes, and start a fresh new garden!

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Well. I had that happen to me three years ago. I lost the following:

1. books
2. souvenirs from Japan, Panama, and Germany
3. our plants. My hubby had a banana tree that was starting to get bananas
4. Korean restaurant outside the base
5. Japanese restaurant
Unfortunately, I really miss the food. ... the food here in Nevada is just a little bland. :-)

Lastly, I miss the history. We used to drive by castles over a thousand years old.

Anonymous said...

Mum's roti's ;)