Saturday, May 06, 2006

Auction Heads Up / Virtual Postcards

Quick note: If you'd like to buy some great books or win appointments with editors and agents, or critiques (and more) from writers, check out Brenda Novak's Auction for Juvenile Diabetes. Lots of great stuff up for grabs, including signed copies of books from yours truly. And it's all for a good cause!

I'm heading off on a plane again for my flight back to Japan, so the next post will be Monday. While I'm up in the air, why don't you send me a virtual postcard (in the comments) from the exotic/local location you'd like to fly off to.

Have an awesome weekend and see you next week!


Michele said...

The Bahamas. Or any warm tropical clime.

Anonymous said...

Anywhere. I've never been in an exotic location. So, pretty much ANY exotic location would be a treat for me! BTW I'm reading Secrets in the Marriage Bed and it's VERY good! :) Thanks.

Nalini Singh said...

I hear you Michele - I'm a warm climate person too. I really DON'T like winter.

Thanks, Kendra! I love, love hearing people say they like my work! :)