Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Storm Echo Countdown

Counting down the final hours to the North American release of Storm Echo!!✨🐈‍⬛

As we wait, let’s talk favorites! What are your favorite books in the series, or who are your favorite characters?? πŸ’œ



Anonymous said...

Love the books

library addict said...

I can't possibly choose only one book as my favorite.

My favorite characters would also be a really long list. (I tried to make it short enough to list them, but the shortest I could cut it down to was 37 names and that was hard so I gave up.)

Very excited to read Storm Echo. Just over 2 more hours to go.

Sadly I won't be able to stay up all night reading as I have to adult on Tuesday. But I will read as much as I can and hopefully finish tomorrow night.

Kim said...

As much as I love the whole series as a whole, I'd have to say that Adan Kai is probably my favourite character. Bonds of Justice is probably my favourite of the original series. The last three books in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series have all been favourites too.

I'm also pretty attached to Memory and, well, okay, all of the protagonists from the last 3 books in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series.

Anonymous said...

This is maybe weird but I love Ming LeBon. And my favorite book is Shards of Hope.