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This is the dedicated *spoiler* thread for Storm Echo and earlier books in the series. Spoilers abound, so be warned!!

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Kelticat said...

When I saw the ocelot picture I started wondering if Soliel was a member of that toxic Alpha's pack, and yep, she was. Also Ivan being adopted is awesome.

Shira said...

Ena is such a good grandmother/alpha. I love her.
One thing that wasn't clear to me is, did Ivan really have any adverse effects of Jax? Since his special ability was hereditary and he's able to form bonds with others...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Storm echo. I will be interested to find out in future books whether Shoshanas daughter has an ability similar to Shoshanas or Ivans.

FiveAcres said...

I didn't think it was possible to love Ena any more than I did after reading the previous books, but am happy to report that I was wrong.

Dia said...

I finished the audiobook in one day and am listening to it again. I loved Ivan and Soliel bacl stories. Loved the entire book until the last few chapters. The last few chapters were confusing and Ivan's abilities and his experience on the island were vague in their description. Is the island still separate from the main psy-net? Is Ivan an "alpha" in the sense that he is maintaining this new psy-net island filtering and sharing biofeedback? He had contained a number of scarab minds with his web on the island, what will happen to them? Now that they are in a net with human, psy, and changing will they get better to a small degree? I hope there will be another book with Ivan as the main character to better explain his abilities and what happened, is happening, on the island. Can Ivan travel between the main psy-net and the island due to his web connections to Silver and his Mercant family, or is Ivan now stuck on the island because he is now the "foundation" of the new psy-net island?

Anonymous said...

I love the book it was really good I just got done reading it you put a really big puzzle in it and I can't figure it out

library addict said...

Just started my first reread so these thoughts aren't very organized yet.

I loved the format with the multi-chapter flashback. So much angst for Canto at the start, but a lovely romance.

I had guessed Soleil might be the granddaughter of the ocelot healer from AoH. So I was kind of right (maybe not by blood, but of her heart). I also guessed she'd be in California to make sure she was settling in okay, so that was wrong (this was before we had the blurb).

Thanks so much for giving us names to go with the former members of SkyElm who are now DarkRiver. Adding Lula, Duke, and Salvador to the ever-growing list of characters I want stories for.

The epigraphs! Sigh, I love how much info and sneaky cameos you squeeze into them. Loved finally "meeting" Carlo. And I think Keelie probably has more page time in the various epigraphs than she's had actual appearances. Please keep them coming!

I can't wait to have Magdalene appear on page in real time. She's on my list too.

Loved learning about Tammy's network with the healers. Plus seeing Nathan, Roman, Julian, and Ferocious. Always love more with Sascha, Lucas, and Naya.

The reveal about Arden made me go back and reread the bit in Shards of Hope where Kaleb is thinking about it was smart of Shoshanna not to fight with Henry's family about his estate. Never entered my mind that they was her family first.

As soon as we learned about Arden I thought she'll be endgame of season 2 with Pax. So interested to see if that's what happens or not. They each could still turn out to be on Team Bad Guy, but I'm betting not. Although I am still on record as wanting story for Theodora more than Pax.

Like that Ivan's ability somewhat mirrors the twisting thingy of Walker's in that both take destructive energy and feed it cleanly back into the network. Also liked that the whole "spider" thing Ivan thought of in his brain had nothing to do with his mom using jax or giving it to him as a child. It's simply something her inherited from her and runs in the Scott family line or at least that was my take.

Patricia Schlorke said...

This book explains a lot of how the Mercant family stayed so stable during Silence. Some of those Wild Woman epigraphs were extremely funny, especially from Aunt Rita.

So glad Solei found her pack again while mating with Ivan. I kept thinking that Ivan should meet Judd and Walker Lauren. Throw in Nathan in the conversation, and watch out. The four if them can commiserate on how much they want to take care of those under their protection, but have to deal with stubbornness. That's a conversation I would dearly love to read. Possibly put Kaleb in the conversation too.

Canto making croissants by hand. You know he's stressed out.

I loved how Ena Mercant thought "how do they do this to me?" With her grandchildren mates. I laughed at that.

So, Ivan is the equivalent of a changeling alpha only on the psychic network. Uh, interesting. At least Solei is there to help him when he over does it.

To be continued!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Shoshana and Henry implant something that was supposed to create a hive mind in an earlier book? Maybe that is what woke up her scarab power. Also, I think she is going to try to take over Kaleb as she needs a dual cardinal according to the book. I think the next book may involve Nikita and Anthony because of her counsel knowledge and her ability to seed viruses or it may be involve Malachi being kidnapped.

Anonymous said...

When will we get the answer to who was the woman who came in with Lucas that night at Tammy and Nathan? It seemed like she recognised Ivan.

Anonymous said...

This books is very interesting in how it fleshes out Ena as a character (moreso than Nikita) It makes me confused on Ivan though...does this make him an alpha on the psychic plane or does this make him like an anchor, with his strands (he already has Arwen as the empath cousin in the family network) It also makes me wonder at the Scott family (all leanign towards mad geniuses? I mean, look at Shoshanna and Henry, then Norah defecting...into drugs) since Nora was able to give Ivan the one name that could keep him safe from Council structure and games: Mercant. I'm also curious as to what might happen when he meets Pax (patient 0) Memory and Ethan. I do have to admit I hope to see more bears...and the Nikita/Anthony subtleness ^_^ (and the alpha in the water and malachai(?)) and alice...but yeah. this was good.

library addict said...

@anonymous The woman who came in when Lucas blood bonded Soleil in Tammy & Nate's kitchen was Yariela. He recognized her as part of Soleil's family even though they'd never met.

Anonymous said...

Eu amei o livro todo,anciosa por uma historia de Pax,acho que ele meree um livro,e aida queria tanto as historias de todos os arows...Tamar e Axl,como Abbot e Jaya e tantos outros casais,acho que Nalini deveria fazer uma coletâne com sontos sobre cada um,seria demais!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really loved how Ivan's powers manifested in the end. The Mercant's love triumphed over the Scotts' cruelty just like his mother was hoping would happen.

And hopefully, Auden Scott is not a true villain. All the Scotts can't be bad apples, right?