Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Kiss Hard Now Out!


Woohoo!! Kiss Hard is starting to download around the world as the clock turns midnight! I hope you all love this funny, tender, sexy book as much as I do - it made me smile the entire time I was writing it.🥰

I just saw that it's already at #1 on the NZ Apple Books store. Thank you Kiwi readers!

The print edition is currently live on Amazon but should feed out to other retailers soon! The audiobook is scheduled to arrive on the 31st of this month (the audio publisher tries as hard as possible to line up audio with ebook/print, but the timeline was too tight this time around. But not long to go!)

Happy reading everyone!



library addict said...

A few hours until I can buy my copy and I have to adult all day tomorrow, but I will read ASAP.

I knew when we met them in Rock Hard they would all need stories, so thanks for writing the rest of the Bishop-Esera brothers! And I'm looking forward to seeing Catie as a grown up.

Now we just need a prequel with their parents. LOL!

Patricia Schlorke said...

I have the book downloaded on my Nook. I am going to start reading Catie and Danny's story asap.

I agree with @Library Addict about a prequel with Joseph and Allison.

library addict said...

I was semi-joking about a story for Allison and Joseph, but now I want it. Perhaps a newsletter short?

But even more, I want a story for Harlow.

Anonymous said...

Just finished Kiss Hard...just lovely! Hate to leave the Bishop-Esera family so can we have more stores about them please?!!