Friday, May 21, 2021

International Cover Reveal: Archangel's Light


Archangel's Light
Coming October 2021
International Cover

I have been staring at this beautiful gift of a cover non-stop. I love it to pieces.

p.s. To those of you who spotted this cover when it leaked accidentally earlier this month - I salute your ninja-level cover spotting skills. πŸ˜„


BadgerTheWolf said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED !!!!!!! I love all the characters but Venom’s book just proved that stories focussed on your favourite hit so much better!! And honestly this is such a beautiful cover I can’t wait to add it to my collection! By then I should have a nice new bookcase for them too!! 😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Zoe Z said...

It's so beautiful😭😭😭😭

Anonymous said...

Illium&Aodhan <3

Kelticat said...

Anyone else want more cover love for the guys? Right now the only guys with wings that have covers are Jason, Titus on the American covers, and now Bluebell and Sparkle international. I really hope a future cover features Raphael.

Unknown said...

I can't wait for the US cover to come out I love that no national it is like hot melting love

Skyler said...

no no no no no no no no

Illium and Aodhan are brothers, not a pair

palestblue said...

How freaking beautiful is this cover!? The Guild Hunter series has been my favorite since Angel'S blood, it's brought me so much joy and has been my escape from the real world whenever I needed it. I cannot tell you how much I have gotten through because I could always get lost in the Guild Hunter world for a while and come out rested and stronger after.
I've been waiting to read Aodhan's story since he first walked onto the page and I am so excited that it seems like he and Illium will finally stop being obtuse idiots now and talk about what it is that is changing between them! <3 I am ready to have my heart ripped to shreds by their story.

Thank you so much for these books, this world and these characters who are all so dear to me. October cannot come fast enough :)

Anonymous said...

The cover artwork is stunning!

The Guild Hunter series is by far my favorite.

I'm sure like a lot of readers, I've been looking forward to books on Illium and Aodan for a long time. But in the context of this paranormal romance world I feel a tad disappointed at the prospect of the characters being paired together as a romantic couple. Unless I'm misunderstanding the thread from the blurb.

Anonymous said...

The cover is stunning.

Like many more readers I am disappointed at the romantic pairing of Aodoan and Illium ( sparkle and bluebell). In fact I feel rather betrayed as you have mentioned previously that you would not pair up Sparkle and Bluebell. This sudden switch comes out of the blue (even though there is a very loud fanbase that has been pushing the issue).

So now besides the sudden switch which betrays a trust, we don't get 2 epic stories which have been building up for the last 10 years.

Connie said...

@ Anonymous re Sparkle and Bluebell

I agree with everything you say and maybe its because there are so many activists out there these days it brings about a need to be politically correct. She will not be the only writer to do a M/M story in a straight series. Its becoming more popular. Larissa Ione did it with her Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series which if you like Paranormal Romance I really recommend. That being said this character came in later in the series and was presented as gay from the start. .

I think its because Aodan and Ilium were originally straight characters and it's come up in interviews over the years and we were always told they were just good friends. And, we've waited over 10 years for their stories. I've noticed in the last 3 or 4 books the tension between these two characters building as Aodan spreads his wings and illium seems almost threatened by his need for independence so perhaps its been in the works for a while.

We can't be absolutely sure until we read the book. I know what you're saying about this being just one book instead of two books for each character but again we can't be certain. Archangel's Prophecy and Archangel's War covered one story over two books. I remember people being upset when Archangel's Prophecy ended on a cliffhanger, but there was no way to get all that story into one book. Maybe it will be the same for these two.

I too will be disappointed if they turn out to be a couple. I won't love them any less its just disappointing as I've often wondered what special woman would win their hearts. I'd even though she might pair Aodan with Suyin as they've both endured terrible abuse, but then he'd have to leave Raphael's Seven. These are just my thoughts. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Beautiful cover!

Anonymous said...

Their names are Bluebell and Sparkle. Is it really that much of a surprise they could possibly be gay or bi?

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for writing illium and aodhan's story,they deserve to be together so much!!! I can't wait to get my hands on this πŸ’•πŸ™

Mac said...

Im so excited for this book. Ive been a big fan of your books for the longest time. All the characters feel so real and the stories are great on numerous levels.
As a queer person we dont really get much representation and ive really identified with these characters a lot.
I was worried at first when i saw the cover that maybe i was being queerbaited or that i was getting my hopes up but after i read the blurb im just so excited.
I cried a bit too haha.
I just wanted to say that im so happy to see this story being made and that it means so much to me and probably many many others that youve taken this step.
Cant wait to read it <3

Anonymous said...

I am a lesbian and even I am disappointed with this possible direction of events. I'm sorry but these characters were never made out to be gay, bi, etc. Perhaps one could have interpreted some things in regards to Aodhan as being possibly gay. But there was no lead up signs to Illium being so. And I think it's incredibly unfair to these two amazing characters to have to share a book. They both deserve their own book. If you're going to make them gay, that's fine. But give them both their own books. And put them with other gay angels/vamps/etc. But not together. I just can't see them together. I suppose it's too late to make changes. And I will read the book anyway. Maybe it's nothing like everyone is thinking it is. But it sure sounds like the book is going in that direction. I guess we all shall see.

Anonymous said...

I was shipping them from the start und being bisexual myself I'm very exited to read their story. But I really don't care, if they end up together, as long as they are happy. I can't wait for the book. ♥

And the cover is just beyond beautiful. Normally I'm waiting for the translation in my language 'cause I started with it. But this time... I will order the english book to have this stunning cover!

And to those who are complaining: Nalinis Characters, her rules. So stop whining. She decides if Aodhan and Illium are gay, bi or straight or pink fluffy unicorns.