Friday, May 07, 2021

Friday Book Club

 The Friday Book Club is now open. What are you reading and loving this week?


Cat said...

I'm finishing Iris Morland's The Prince I Love to Hate. It's very cute, now I hope the second part is told from Olivier's POV.

library addict said...

I enjoyed Meljean Brook's Demon Angel (The Guardians #1). I also liked Paradise (The Guardians #1.5) and Demon Moon (The Guardians #2). (Full confession: I had multiple issues with Colin, but adored Savi).

My favorite book this week was Amanda Quick's The Lady Has a Past (Burning Cove #5).

Currently I am just finishing up Lindsay Buroker's The Assassin's Curse (The Emperor’s Edge #3.5) so will start Conspiracy (The Emperor’s Edge #4).

Holding at Silver Silence in my complete Psy/Changeling series reread. Otherwise I will finish too soon and Las Guard is still sooooo far away (74 whole days!) Seriously though I may start rereading it this weekend as I am always a faithful member of #TeamStarlightandHerTeddyBear!

Eva said...

I discovered Leia Stone´s Wolf Girl Series (4 Books). It´s a very addictive story about an outcast wolf girl who grows into her own to become an Alpha of her own.

AlwaysV said...

So crazy in love with this amazing new release The Rock by LJ Ross (The DCI Ryan Mysteries Book 18) Absolutely one of the TOP Series in Mysteries for me. Please check it out on Kindle Unlimited!

Here's an Epigraph that will definitely attract you to try out this book: "There is something in human spirit that will survive and prevail; there is a tiny and brilliant light burning in the heart of man that will not go out, no matter how dark the world becomes." —Leo Tolstoy

Kim said...

Tried to post this before, a few days ago, but Google decided to have a rebellious moment. Try again. Umm.. Read the children's graphic novel El Deafo, the other day. Now I understand why it's gotten so much hype and is a Newberry Honors Book. It's great! It is relevant for other populations too, not just deaf people. Many of the issues the character faces also apply to those with Central Auditory Processing Disorder, and then there's the whole 'being the only disabled/obviously different person in your community' part.

Also read the blurb about Last Guard! I'm hooked already!! (no real surprise there.)

Otherwise, finished a number of books that were in progress the last few days. Not sure I remember what any of them were. Oops. But I'm significantly cutting down that list, which is good 'cause it was ridiculously long when I wrote it out the other day. Also made a dent in my Kindle free sample list. decided to buy or wishlist a 2-3 books. (and got rid of 1-2)

palestblue said...

I just finished reading Warcross by Marie Lu and I loved it so much! I always love a good, grounded scifi book with morally ambiguous characters!