Friday, June 07, 2019

Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


library addict said...

I really enjoyed Carla Neggers' Apple of My Eye (Michael Wolfe Literary Agency #1). Also liked her Interior Designs (Michael Wolfe Literary Agency #2) though the plot didn't work as well for me.

Liked Veronica Scott's Badari Warrior’s Baby (Sectors New Allies #8.5).

And of course read the highly anticipated Wolf Rain. Planning to start rereading it tonight. I loved Memory! Plus it was fun to see so many familiar faces. Wondering who will be up next.

Patricia Schlorke said...

Wolf Rain. One thing that made my eyebrows rose: Matthias and Nell. That would be an awesome full book or a short story (if you have someone else in mind for a longer book).

Kim said...

Getting sucked into Shane Dunphy's The Boy in the Cupboard every time I open it. Next up Shane Dunphy's Little Boy Lost.

Found out today one of my local used book stores has been sold and everything EXCEPT the books is staying the same! They are phasing out the books are going to a strictly comic and collectible and game system games!!! On the upside, all the used books are on for 25% off! needless to say I gave a more careful look than usual and bought a fair number! It only changed hands a week ago, so it's still essentially a first crack access state. Will have to keep an eye on them while some of the harder to access books get moved around and become easier to look at.

I don't usually spend a lot of money there, but it's fun to look! And now I won't be able to once they get rid of all the books! There will only be ONE used bookstore in my neighbourhood! There are rumors that someone from there may be starting a new one downtown, though. Running out of used book places in this city!

Anonymous said...

Wolf Rain, of course, and loved it. Also read and loved 'Shadow Warrior' by Feehan and a couple of Harlequins that are a year or two old that I got my hands on.

Anonymous said...

I read the May Sage "Age of Gold" series. I like her books but they are sort of condensed. This particular series is fantasy and eventually connects to another series. If you are uncertain, try one of her fairy tales first. That's what I read first and they got me hooked.
I also read The Warrior's Mate by Susan Trombley, Alien Conquest by Honey Phillips and The Nanny Plan by Sarah M. Anderson. Yeah, I read a lot and it's been a stressful week. All of these books (except The Nanny Plan) were self published and so there were some typos, etc., sprinkled throughout.
The Warrior's Mate was pretty good and didn't go quite the way I expected. It's part of a series and not the best place to start it. This series, "Iriduan Test Subjects" is alien abduction type romance but with really alien aliens - not just green guys who are pretty much human. There's a plot for each story and a series arc.
Alien Conquest was good but there's a punishment scene at the end which might be problematic for some. There's a definite dark underside to this author's work but I enjoy most of what she writes.
The Nanny Plan is a Harlequin. I wanted a romance with a baby, and this is s typical "baby plot", but it's done really well. I even bought another of her books "Billionaire's Baby Promise" and it's starting out strong. There's nothing like a light romance read when your week is tough :)