Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Madness of Sunshine

I’m working on the final proofs for A Madness of Sunshine this week and taking the chance to talk about the book. πŸƒ

MADNESS is my first stand-alone thriller -  first thing: it’s not written as a romantic suspense or a romance so please don’t go into it expecting that or you’ll be disappointed.

What it is, is an atmospheric thriller set in a remote New Zealand town. What if you knew one of your neighbors or friends was a murderer...but you didn’t know who... Who would you trust? p.s. It’s not gory, if you’re worried about that.

If you have other (non-spoilery) questions about the book, leave them here and I’ll pop in during breaks in my proofreading to answer them.

(Photo is of a glacier-fed braided river in New Zealand’s South Island.)


library addict said...

Are you sure it's a stand alone? ;)

All kidding aside I am looking foward to reading it.

Nalini Singh said...

Yes, definitely stand alone! :D

Anonymous said...

Do you think you'll start writing more thrillers in general as time goes on? (Just curious:)

Patricia Schlorke said...

Beautiful picture of the river. Already pre-ordered the book. Can't wait to read it.

Atmospheric thriller...sounds like suspense thriller that was so popular back in the day. Alfred Hitchcock's TV shows come to mind. Too many thriller type books lose the edge when the author gives away too much at the beginning of the book.

Nalini Singh said...

@Anon - Yes, I think so. I quite enjoy doing them. But probably with a larger gap between books.

Nalini Singh said...

@Patricia - I hope you enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your writing Nalini. Definitely looking forward to this book too. Am sure will not be disappointed !

Are you branching out into a new genre or this has been cooking in your mind for a long time and it slowly got fleshed out into a complete story and as of now it looks like the only one ?

Or is that too futuristic to think about now ? :)


Anonymous said...

Is this book set in a small down where even the "newcomers" have lived there for over 25 years? Or is it a small community within a couple hours of a big city so strangers can come and go often?
Do you think the plot is easier or harder to write when it doesn't closely follow a romantic relationship as it develops?

I actually experienced this feeling as a child. I grew up in the country, and eventually a serial killer was arrested in the nearby small town. He was a neighbor/father/husband/small business owner who happened to be driving into the nearest city and killing women, while his wife thought he was working. No one knows how many women he actually killed.
I think it made me less trusting overall, but some people were able to brush it off after a year or two, like it never happened. I'm looking forward to your book - it will be interesting to read how the people interact.

Eva said...

I wouldn`t mind a bit gory (- Even though I still defend Ming. LOL).
I love thrillers in the "gray area" (Where good and evil skillfully blur into each other). - Is A Madness Of Sunshine one of these?

Do you have a few favorite Thrillers?

Anonymous said...

You aren't going to leave your other series' alone are you? I love them too much!