Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


library addict said...

Nothing new for me this week.

I've been slowly rereading Silver Silence yet again. #TeamStarlightandHerTeddyBear!

ladyreadsalot66 said...

I also reread Silver Silence this week. Also rereading Rebecca York's Decorah Security series. It's good but would not say I love it.
I have the November blahs which means even though I have a large TBR pile I can't find the interest to try something new.

Anonymous said...

I've been re-reading also, no energy for something new while recovering from a bad cold. Finished 'Shards' and started 'Allegiance'. Next I think I'll reread some of the later J D Robb mysteries with a new one coming out in January.

SakanaSana said...

I just finished reading Archangel's Viper yesterday! I'm so heartbroken I don't have any more of your books to read.

June 2018 seems too far away. I was really excited to see that you've signed up to write two more Guild Hunter books. When will we get any information about the next GH book?? :D

I'm currently reading Penny Reid's Knitting in the City series. :)

Unknown said...

I too am struggling to find something to get interested in :( There are a few series that multiple people have recommended to me, but somehow I don't seem to have the energy to start something new. I hate that feeling.

Instead I read a trilogy that Amazon recommended to me based on the fact that I bought Alexa Riley's shapeshifter series [that right there tells you the content of the books recommended to me ;)] Anyway the books are by Ruby Dixon and they are about dragon shapeshifters. I hope she gives us some more background on the the dragons because that part of the story is very interesting. The rest of the writing is decent. They are quick reads and don't require much emotional input from me which is good right now. I suspect if I ever re-read them I might find more nuance in them, but for now I am reading them for fluff :)

AlwaysV said...

Rereading Jayne Castle's super amazing Harmony Series and Dreamlight Trilogy! I'm so in love with the dust bunnies. I'm so THANKFUL FOR YOU every time I read/reread Jayne Ann Krantz & Jayne Castle's books. I've found her books via your recommendation a while back.

Claire said...

I totally agree with you.
It is so true how the Jayne Castle / JAK books are amazing to read.
I wish that more books from Harmony / Arcane society and the Curtain series will be published.
I also read the books after more than one recommendation on this weblog.