Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open. What are you reading and loving this week?


Eva said...

Since I´m signed of sick this week I had a lot of time for reading.
I read all books of your RK series. Loved the dynamic between the characters.
- Did you realize, that your heroines tend to`ve a liking for pink underwear? (I find this funny).

Anonymous said...

Been trying audio books this week.
Been listening to free the darkness by kel kade, read by nick podehl.

Loved the book, am also enjoying listening to it.

Anonymous said...

Terry Brooks' Magic Kingdom of Landover.
Ernie Lindsey's Warchild.
Mireille Chester's Chael's Luck.
Clifford Hicks' The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald.
Modesitt's Recluce Tales.
Caryn Moya Block's Volkov series.
Patrick Duffy's Man from Atlantis.

library addict said...

I had a most excellent reading week.

My favorite book of the week was Jill Shalvis’ Accidentally on Purpose (Heartbreaker Bay #3).

I enjoyed the first two books in Veronica Scott’s Sectors series Wreck of the Nebula Dream and Escape from Zulaire. Looking forward to more in the series.

I also enjoyed Nicole Helm’s Too Friendly to Date (Bluff City #2), Nico Rosso’s Countdown to Zero Hour (Black Ops: Automatik #1), and Christine Feehan’s Power Game (GhostWalkers #13)

Claire said...

I just finished Allegiance of Honor... A great read. Thank you for this story.
I can't wait to read the next book in the serie as well as in the GH serie.

Anonymous said...

Have my hands full with my newborn. Sort of happy that new Nalini books arent coming until later in the year. The baby will be older then leaving me with a bit of reading time on weekend days :-).