Friday, December 09, 2016

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books in the Friday Book Club!! What fabulous reads are you loving this week?


Kristal said...

It's been a sci-fi week for me.
Just finnished, The Wrath of the Great Guilds (Pillars of Reality #6)by Jack Campbell, and the last book in the series. Good ending to the series and the last chapter also opens the possability to a future new series if the author wants to come back to it at a later date. (Which I hope he does.) Either way it was a great and fun read.

I also read Confluence (Linesman #3) by S.K. Dunstall, and finnished that trilogy. Great series and although the plot of this book surprised me, the end itself was one that I hoped was gona happen has I read the series. Can't wait for the next book/series by this authors and I hope that they come back to this Universe at a future date. Loved the concept and it has so many things to be explored.

Another series that I finnished this week was, The First Salik War by Jean Johnson. I read the 1st book, The Terrans, when it came out and loved it, but decided to wait for all the books to be out before continuing with reading the series, so when book 2 came out I put it asside until book 3 was out. I'm very glad that I did it. Last week I re-read book 1, then read book 2 and this week I read book 3, The Blockade, and it was a good way to read this trilogy, because all the books start where the previous one stopped. It's as if a big book was split in 3, but with different focus in each part. Loved the characters and the world, maybe now I can finnaly try to read her military Sci-Fi series set in the same Universe. I've been avoiding it because not all mil. Sci-Fi are for me and I love this author.

Also read the novella Dragonlings Haunted Halloween 2: Night of Demented Symbiots by S.E. Smith. It was very fun. This are stories with the children of her series in the Dragon Lords of Valdier Universe. There are 4, so far, and each relates to a particular Holiday Season and the development of the dragonlings and friends and the reactions and troubles of their parents. Very fun and sweet stories, particullarly if you read the main series and have the background, but a good way to sample the world and want more.

In between I listened to Dark Minds (Class 5#3) by Michelle Diener, in audio. Great narrator, it goes very well with the series.

I'm starting a reread of the Bewitched & Bewildred series by Alanea Alder, as her next book comes out 27/12. A great Paranormal Romance series, that althoug it has a very serious and dark plot, it is very funny as well, and it can make you laugh, cry, rage and sigh, all in the same book. Six out so far.
I also want to catch up in the Alien series by Gini Koch, 2 till I'm up to date, and I'm planning to start the Air Awakens series by Elise Kova.

ladyreadsalot66 said...

Wow! and everyone I know thinks I read a lot.
Glad you found so much goodness to read. Bewitched & Bewildered series by Alanea Alder looks like something I might like to try.

I found my older copy of Lord of the Abyss. It has been on my TBR list for awhile but until I read the recent blog about it I wasn't motivated to read it. I loved it!! Hero reminds quite a bit of Naasir who is one of my favourite characters in Guild Hunters series.

My older copy also contained bonus story Desert Warrior, so that is what I am starting today.

Read some other things but they were too meh to mention here.

I am still trying to find some good Steampunk romance (preferably without vampires, werewolves etc). Any recommendations from the community?

library addict said...

I read Island of Glass, the final book in Nora Roberts' The Guardians trilogy.

Also read the expanded Harlequin Superromance version of Nicole Helm's All I Have (Farmers' Market #1.1). I'd read the original Harlequin E version back when it was first released. Still a charming enemies-to-lovers story.

Anonymous said...

Reading - Island of Glass by Nora Roberts - Trying desperately to read it slowly so I can make it last the whole weekend ... :) But I know it will be over today !!! LOL .....

Still on my Nora Roberts re-reading spree - so finished 'The Reef' , 'True Betrayals' and 'Three Fates' this week ...

Eva said...

Finally I had time for Archangel`s Heart. And as always when I have finished the story I want more of this world🤗.

Anonymous said...

Read White Hot chapters one and two on Ilona Andrews' website. Starting to re-read Crystal Flame by Jayne Ann Krentz.

Patricia S

still reading said...

@ladyreadsalot66: Best steampunk that I've found so far: iron seas. Love it!