Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wild Embrace Audio

Audiobook peeps: I just found out the audio of WILD EMBRACE is actually going to release on August 30th, rather than the 23rd when the ebook & print editions come out. Huge apologies! But to make up for the delay, I'm going to put in an extra excerpt in the newsletter (which will be going out in about 15-16 hours). I might also sneak in some Guild Hunter goodness. ;-)

Newsletter signup link in the sidebar of the blog, and on the front page of the website.


Biblio said...

Yes, I found that out too. But Amazon only lists the CD as available for pre-order and the audiobook download can't be ordered separately. Audible also makes no mention of it and the download can't be pre-ordered either through Amazon or Audible. Do you know if it will be available to download on the 30th?

Nalini Singh said...

It should be available as a download - sometimes, that link doesn't appear until right near the release date. (They like to make us bite our nails!)