Thursday, October 09, 2014

Rock Courtship & Nalini Singh Author Photo

I just found out that ROCK COURTSHIP made the USA Today Bestseller list!! Thank you to each and every one of you who has supported the launch of this new series. You rock! And I'm going to write you all a new Thea & David memo for the next newsletter. (I also have something paranormal for the next newsletter ;-)).

If you haven't yet read this novella, readers are telling me that it's a sweet, feel-good romance that'll leave you with a goofy smile on your face. I'm really happy my shy, good guy hero is winning some hearts. :-)

Excerpt link

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Also, I'm now going to add my author photo to this post. Some of you might have noticed that when you search for me on Google, it shows you a picture of another person. The only way I can figure out to change that is to repeat my tagged author photo over and over! 

If any of you do reviews/posts about my books on your own blogs, feel free to repost my author photo. If you right click, you should be able to save it automatically as Nalini Singh Author. Hopefully it'll all help Google pick up the right Nalini Singh. Thank you! (You can also click on the photo that shows up on the Google search and send feedback saying it's the wrong person. No sign in required).


library addict said...

How odd, that is not the picture that used to show. I sent feedback to Google.

Also, way excited for a new David/Thea memo.

ST said...

I liked Thea and David more than Fox and Molly!

S.G. Lovell said...

Hi Nalini,

Regarding your Google picture problem:

Have you tried setting up a Google+ page for your 'brand' (with your correct author photo) and linking it to your website? According to Google this should make your Google+ page eligible to show up on the right hand side of the Google search page for relevant queries.
Maybe it would then overwrite the incorrect information that is showing up at the moment.

If you'd like to give it a try, here's the link to setting up a Google+ brand page:

teriannesis said...

Nalini I typed Nalini singh photo into yahoo search and on the right side you popped up with the correct photo and the fact that you are an author with relevant information. Also on the montage of photos on the left side of the first fifteen you were correctly shown in a photo six times, a copy of one of your books was shown six times, two were a lady I don't know and one was someone hands hovering over chocolate candies. Knowing your addiction to chocolate I am thinking that the hands are yours. So you are the right person shown in the most time on yahoo search

teriannesis said...

On search on the right you are shown by picture with an identification as a writer from New Zealand right below you is a Nalini Singh who is a journalist from India allowing you to choose which one you want to see. on the left is a montage of photos similar to the yahoo search most of which are you or one of your books, So it looks like google is the only one that doesn't know who you are. LOL

Unknown said...

Hi Nalini - lovely photo of you and congratulations on hitting the bestseller lists yet once again. You are a "rock" star!!!