Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Archangel's Shadows!!

Archangel's Shadows is now out in North America!! Woohoo!! 

International readers - not long to go. Here's a new excerpt at Reading Between the Wines as we count down to your release date of November 6th! 

The newsletter also went out a few hours ago with a free Guild Hunter short story, plus a new Rock Courtship memo. Enjoy!

Reviews & Interviews 

Interview at The Good, The Bad and the Unread

"Ash and Janvier's relationship is like fire; intense, hot, and dangerous." - All Things Urban Fantasy

"...absolutely transcendently amazing..." - The Blogger Gals

"High-stakes mystery, insight into both the Tower and Guild side of things, and make-you-weak-in-the-knees romance merge to make one indulgent read." - Vampire Book Club

"...breathtaking and action packed..." - Harlequin Junkie review, plus Interview

"Layers of easy charm and gracious wit barely contain a core of unwavering focus and a will of steel." - GraveTells on Janvier

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Patty said...

Just finished it and this series just keeps getting better and better!!! Thank you Nalini for such a wild adventure. Hoping Naasir's story is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

For anyone in Melbourne australia, the Collins st dymocks has copies in store

Anonymous said...

Kobo doesn't seem to mind where you are.
I live in Europe and had no problem purchasing the North American version :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Loved Ash & Janvier' story! Naasir's story next please.

Unknown said...

Loved Ash and Janvier, but why oh why did I not previously see the possibilities in Naasir? Please tell me his book is next!

Louise D said...

Ohhh Nalini, I knew this book was going to be awesome. Janvier and Ash's story was everything I hoped and more. Thanks for writing this lovely story!! I am now counting the days until I can read Bash's story. I absolutely loved the little excerpt at the end of AS, made me very curious of how his story is going to turn out.

Anonymous said...

This book is a beautifully written love story surrounded by rich and masterful world building.

I did have a question though, the FAQ on your website states that you are contracted for four books after Archangel's Blade, which will be after this next book. Will book #8 be the last in the series or has your contract been extended for more books?

I love this series and I really hope it will keep going.

Nalini Singh said...

@Anon - We usually go to contract again once I'm close to completing the final book in the current contract, so I should have more news late next year. :)