Sunday, September 07, 2014

Rock Addiction Print Edition & Rock Courtship Cover Reveal Signup

Out September 9th
I have news about the print edition of ROCK ADDICTION! It's up for pre-order on Amazon - it'll filter out slowly to other sites, so if you have a favorite retailer, please just be patient until it makes it there.

Also, you'll notice that the release date is 48 hours after the ebook edition. This is totally my fault. I asked for a revision in the typeset file to fix a tiny glitch - I want everything to be perfect and beautiful for you!
Out September 30th

This book will be trade sized, so the price is more than my paperback editions and less than my hardcovers. The ebook edition will stay at $3.99 for one week after release.

I can't wait for ROCK ADDICTION to be out! ROCK COURTSHIP will follow on September 30th. (It features a shy drummer hero and a tough heroine with whom he is madly, utterly, absolutely in love :-)).

If you're a blogger and would like to sign up for the cover reveal for ROCK COURTSHIP (happening Sep 12th), just fill in this form. A review copy signup form will be up later. 

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