Monday, September 08, 2014

Not long to go!! Rock Addiction Excerpt

Today's Rock Addiction excerpt is up at Heroes & Heartbreakers. Their site requires a login to read but it's super fast. Hope you enjoy the excerpt!


AJ said...

It's a bummer that you have to register to read the full excerpt. This didn't happen on any of the other sites of the tour.

Nalini Singh said...

I think registration is a new requirement for the site. But it truly only takes a few seconds. :)

Unknown said...

I don't want to register with heroes and Heartbreakers, I want to read today's excerpt for rock addiction. Please post this on another website, one that doesn't force you to give out personal information. Your faithful readers deserve to have another choice.

Anonymous said...

I am also not willing to register at Heroes and Heartbreakers - sorry!

I guess I can wait the next three days till the book is available...

DianneR said...

I am unable to register as it keeps on changing to a pop up ad before I can finish. Oh well, will just have to wait until its release

Susan said...

I did register, but I was grouchy about it. Don't think I would do it again.

Anonymous said...

I prefer not to have to register also even though I did.

Also, why are the posted excerpts and schedule for posts not matching up?

This excerpt was supposed to be posted on 9/7 according to the schedule. I do not mean to be rude, just curious because I worried that I missed a post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What the f*** nalini!
You have a cite and a blog.
Why this mess?

Nalini Singh said...

I'm excited that you're all excited for the release, but please remember that this is *me* reading and responding to comments. Not an assistant, or an admin.

When you post a comment like the one above, you're shouting directly in my face - so take a breath and dial it back. I'm always here to answer questions. You just have to ask the same way you'd do if you were speaking to me face to face.

Anon #1: The date difference is because of the fact I'm in the Southern Hemisphere. When I post, it shows up as the next day, because New Zealanders live in the future. ;) If you've followed the blog, you haven't missed anything.

Anon #2: The reason for the excerpt tour is simple - not everyone reads this blog or my site. Doing a blog tour helps spread the word about releases. If you follow the blog, you always get links if something is posted offsite.

Again, thank you for being excited. I've posted a new excerpt link today - you can read that one without any need for registration. Enjoy! (Another excerpt will go out in the newsletter once all the buy links are live).

Anonymous said...

The thing is i got too cosy with "you"(books, site, blog..., i forgot i really don't know you. It's come out like i was talking to my best friend.
Nalini i didn't mean to hurt your feelings or show disrespect, never.

With this excerpt i felt like running around when i only wanted to stay in one place(favorite and CHOSEN). You sending us away again and again, when we come to "see you".
Please, i beg for forgiviness if i seemed rude or worse.

One more thing: Daily i speak french so my English may appear problematic.

Nalini Singh said...

@Anon - We're all good. :) I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and to feel at home here. xo - Nalini

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nalini, thanks for responding to my posted question about the timeline. Also, I enjoy the blog tours because they give me new reading material to check out.

Just finished reading Rock Addiction (or first pass anyways) and enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to a more leisurely second read.

Anon #1