Friday, April 19, 2024

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open. What are you reading and loving this week?


Anonymous said...

Re-reading Mercy and Riley's story in Branded by Fire. Waiting for Archangel's Lineage ....

Looks like I posted this on the wrong post ! :)

Patricia Schlorke said...

Re-read/skimmed through Archangel's War waiting, somewhat patiently, for Archangel's Lineage coming out Tuesday.

Can't wait to read the book!

library addict said...

Had a good reading week. I enjoyed Veronica Scott's Star Cruise: Dream Dancer (Sectors #18).

I also enjoyed Melissa Erin Jackson's A Witch of Edgehill series: Pawsitively Poisonous (#1), Pawsitively Cursed (#2), Pawsitively Secretive (#3), Pawsitively Swindled (#4), Pawsitively Betrayed (#5), Pawsitively Suspicious (#5.5/prequel), and Pawsitively Sabotaged (#5.7/1.5 chronilogically). It was lighter on romance than I was told, but overall a fun cozy mystery series (FTR there is a HEA romance). Book #3 was probably my favorite.

Also I am rereading Lindsay Buroker's Agents of the Crown series; just finished book one Eye of Truth). And I am up to Ocean Light in my complete Psy/Changelining series reread.

Looking forward to Archangel's Lineage on Tuesday.

AlwaysV said...

The Beloved by JR WARD 💖
Frostbitten by Rebecca Zanetti 💖

But yes! Can't wait to Read & Love Archangel's Lineage 💖 My kindle copy will download around an hour before Midnight of Monday ~ 4/22/2024!

Anonymous said...

Just finished "Archangel's Resurrection" so can't wait for my kindle to get my copy of "Archangel's Lineage" in just over an hour!